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Ways to Look Like a Million Bucks

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 20, 2014
Filed Under Personal Care 


feel like a million bucksby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

Whether you are heading out on the town or just want to look great everyday, there are a couple of different ways you can pull off a great look without spending a ton of money.

When considering the top ten ways to look like a million bucks, you can be talking about the way you get about town, the clothes you wear when you are getting about town and the accessories you are sporting with those clothes. Here’s the list that will have you covered from head to toe, inside and out.

10. Necklaces


Wearing the right kind of necklaces can pull any look together. You can wear a classy necklace to look like a million bucks whether you are going ultra dressy or really casual.

9. Bracelets


Just like necklaces, wearing the right bracelet, along with a great selection of clothing will have you looking tip top. If you are a woman you are wanting to go with something a bit more flashy, but even men can pull off a bracelet and look quite good doing so.

8. Sunglasses


The third accessory on our list, sunglasses with attitude are something that can really pull a look together. You can either go with the surfer chic or simply get some black glasses that go really well with a dark dress or suit.

7. Vest


Clothes make the man and when you really want to look like a million dollar man you can put on a tailored vest underneath your suit. People have heard about the three-piece suit and this is that third piece. Get the right vest and you will indeed look head and shoulders better than others going to work or out on the town.

6. Tuxedo


There’s a reason why James Bond is always wearing a well-fitting tuxedo. For decades this particular kind of suit has reeked of looking great and feeling even better.

5. Shoes


When you are wearing some really nice clothes out on the town you also need to have some really great shoes as well. Whether you are a man or a woman you must have some nice dress shoes in order to look your best.

4. Sundresses


While most of the clothes on this list are formal wear, you can also look like a million bucks by wearing something as simple as a classy sundress. Obviously, there is a time and a place to wear one of these, but when that time is right, you can certainly look head and shoulders better than anyone else.

3. Watch


The right watch is another great way to look your absolute best. You need to be able and get the kind of watch that will go with a number of different outfits. Having a number of different watches is one way to make sure that you are always going to look top notch no matter what it is your are doing.

2. Hats


There is a reason why businessmen around the world used to wear hats to work every day. There is just something about a good hat that makes a man look really, really good. Women have their own sets of hats they can wear that help them pull off a look. The nice thing about wearing a good hat, is there is one that can go with literally every occasion. When stepping out on the town, or just heading off to to work, the right hat indeed makes you look like a million bucks.

1. Cars


No matter what you are wearing when you are hitting the town, you can pull off a really big look when you are stepping out of a really good looking car. Stepping out a luxury vehicle makes people look like they are looking better than everyone else.


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