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Ways to Look Sexy

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 27, 2014
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look sexyContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Contrary to certain swimsuit magazine covers that portray hotness as an all but unattainable quality for most women, true sexiness doesn’t require contortionist poses and good lighting.

No, no, no.

These simple ways to look sexy are all about attitude, confidence and making a few cosmetic tweaks.

10. Draw attention to the legs

Draw attention to the legs

Next time you wear a skirt or dress skip the tights and pull on a pair of silky stockings with garters. This basic switch will make your legs stand out in the best way. Stockings smooth and accentuate legs, but what really gets jaws dropping is how you’ll carry yourself with a confidence that sings “I know I look good”.

9. Change out of the sweat pants

Change out of the yoga pants

Okay, we all know that yoga pants are supremely comfortable. We also know you’re not always coming from or going to yoga class. And yet they’ve become the go-to bottoms for females everywhere. This must end, at least on sexy days. Replace them with stylish fitted jeans, shorts, slacks, skirt – anything but “loungewear”. We can do this.

8. A touch of color

A touch of color

Makeup is an easy thing to overdo. Remember, a little goes a long way. Choose one feature to play up with a gorgeous shade of shimmery eye shadow or lipstick that complements your skin tone. Red is a classic lip color for good reason. One study conducted by the University of Rochester found that men are more drawn to women wearing red.

7. Pamper your hair

Pamper your hair

Smooth, lustrous hair is a sign of great health. Whether your locks are long or short, straight or curly, conditioning with natural shampoo and conditioner makes your hair stronger and full of volume. He’ll long to run his fingers through it.

6. Try shapewear

 Try shapewear

We all have that favorite dress that works wonders, clinging in just the right places and falling perfectly from the hips. The thing so many people, men and women, love about body shapewear is that it smooths bumps and bulges. From slimming thighs to trimming the tummy, the right piece will make every outfit appear tailor made.

5. Straighten up

Straighten up

One of the most overlooked, simple ways to look sexy is to mind your posture. Straighten the back, roll back the shoulders and relax your stance. Good posture exudes confidence and energizes the body. Practicing yoga and remembering that your lungs are also in your back will help deepen each breath and naturally correct slouchiness.

4. Wear something lacy

Wear something lacy

Lace is a peek-a-boo fabric of choice for many modest women. Men respond to the sight of bare skin, particularly when there’s plenty left to the imagination. Tops with lacy sleeves and dresses with lace down the back gives you an instant air of romance and femininity.

3. Minimize the spritz


Scent is not the first thing he’ll see, but it certainly enhances your overall presentation and makes a strong first impression. The lighter the fragrance the better – the closer he gets, the more he’ll notice it. Just a spritz or two of subtle perfume enhances a man’s interest and shows you’ve made an effort on his account, and that’s always flattering.

2. Make eye contact

Make eye contact

Making direct eye contact is the quickest way to let someone know you’re interested and one of the most effortless, simple ways to look sexy. And if he still doesn’t get the hint, smile. And if he still doesn’t get the hint, allow your gaze to linger. This is a good one to practice in front of the mirror just in case your alluring gaze kind of comes across as a staring problem.

1. Glowing skin

Glowing skin

Choose natural skin products made with ingredients that tone and moisturize your skin while smoothing lines. Seriously, does anything say “touch me” better than soft, glowing skin? Nope.

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