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Best of … ways to love your pets

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 30, 2012
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A list of the best of ways to love your petsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Friends will come and go, kids will rebel and spouses can get on your last nerve but in spite of it all there remains one constant; unconditional love from your pet.

Thankfully it’s not necessary to spoil pets rotten to feel the love, but it can be kind of fun.

So in a valiant attempt to return the favor, here are the best of ways to love your pets.

Name Your Pup

Identification tags

A list of the best of ways to love your pets

What better way to show you care than to help ensure the safety of our (usually) four-legged friends. An ID tag is just common sense if you love your pets, so why not make it a stylish one? Sidle over for the coolest selection of tags you’ll find anywhere. And check out all the other goodies too. The name is dogIDS, but the selection doesn’t stop there.

Fleas Be Gone

Pest protection

A list of the best of ways to love your pets

One way to love our pets is to take care of their health as best we can. That means limiting the chances of fleas, ticks and other assorted nasties. I’m not a vet, but I’m pretty sure Frontline is about the protection there is, short of shaving the little critter and steam cleaning him. And if those hairless cats are any indication of what to expect, I’ll stick with saving some money and grab me some Frontline.


Palatial cages

A list of the best of ways to love your pets

Of course, there are all sorts of pets beyond the dog and cat variety. Bird lovers seem to have as much or more passion about their pest as anyone. If that describes you, isn’t time you Tweety has a rockin’ pad to stroll around in? UPCOhas a huge assortment of cages, from small to big enough for the kids to live in and all sizes in between. Personally, I like the stand alone cages like this one. It even has a perch on the top when it’s time to fly and be free; at least in the living room.

Pet Supplies 4 Less

A warm place to sleep

A list of the best of ways to love your pets

It’s not surprise cats take their rest very seriously; something many of us can certainly relate to. The right bed can make all the difference, and though it may not look it this one is actually very 21st century. It’s made out of this funky, new wave material that actually radiates your cat’s own body heat back onto to little the pusser. So not only is the little gal sleeping nice and cozy, you’re environmentally friendly. The icing on this feline cake is the bed is at Pet Supplies 4 Less, which is exactly what it costs; less.

Mail Order Pet Supplies

Pet medications, prescriptions and more

When you love your pets, sitting back and doing nothing while they aren’t feeling quite right just isn’t an option. A quick peek at an online store is all it takes to get what you and your cat or dog need. I found out the hard way that while my dog loves bones, his stomach and digestive system don’t. Turns out it wasn’t much fun for me either. Wish I’d of known about these little capsules earlier.

Lambert Vet Supply

Dining with distinction

A list of the best of ways to love your pets

When you love something you want the whole world to know; mainly so you can rub it in. Alert the masses even without saying word with these customized placemats to set your dog or cat’s place at the table (we’re kidding) from Lambert Vet Supply. These are examples of the little mats, but Lambert’s has them in all shapes and sizes, a multitude of colors too. Sure, you want to scream you love your pets to the neighborhood at large, but straying from your home’s décor? Nah, I don’t think so.

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