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Ways to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 27, 2014
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comfortable bed roomby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Your bed plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep.

Eventually you’ll buy a new, better mattress, but for now there’s no need to suffer.

These top ways to make your bed more comfortable will help you wake up happier, more energized and ready to enjoy the day.

10. Memory foam

Memory foam

Sleep is a time to recuperate, but sometimes the body needs a little help. Memory foam conforms to your shape while offering significantly more support than ordinary pillows. They come in a variety of shapes, including wedges to increase support for the legs, and offer plenty of give so it’s easier to get comfortable without tossing and turning.

9. Add a mattress topper

Add a mattress topper

An easy way to make an old bed feel new is to throw on a comfortable mattress topper. Whether you’re adjusting to a dorm bed, or waking up sore, soften things up with either a fluffy feather bed, hypoallergenic down or super supportive memory foam.

8. Join the egg-crate club

Join the egg-crate club

Egg-crates may not look comfortable, but they feel so good to lie on. It may be tempting to save some money on a small one, but splurge on one that’s large enough to cover the whole bed. You’ll be glad you surrendered to these ways to make your bed more comfortable! Layer the topper then fit it with a taut sheet for maximum satisfaction.

7. Invest in good sheets

Invest in good sheets

The higher the thread count, the better you’ll sleep. It’s true. Quality bed linens are smoother, softer and more comfortable than discount ones. Choose materials that fit the season – lightweight for summer and snug flannel when it’s cold – and you won’t overheat or wakeup chilled.

6. For cold and hot couples

For cold and hot couples

Sharing a bed is not easy if one of you runs hotter or colder than the other – someone is bound to either overheat or catch a chill. Short of one of you sleeping by the open window and the other cocooning under a pile of blankets, try a dual-heat electric cover. Set one side 5 to 10 degrees cooler and you both sleep well.

5. Try life without a fitted sheet

Try life without a fitted sheet

Mattresses are not made to uniform sizes, yet fitted sheets are and that’s why so many are either too tight or baggy. When they don’t fit right they don’t look good or feel right. Who says you need one? Try using a larger-than-your-mattress flat sheet instead. Fold and tuck it snug in every corner.

4. Ditch the top sheet, too?

Ditch the top sheet

Here’s a wild idea, but it just may work. If your quilt always slides off the top sheet, consider taking it off. Use a heavy, soft comforter instead. You won’t get all caught up and the thick top will retain the warmth from your body. Ditch the top sheet, too?

3. Bring on the pillow party

Bring on the pillow party

Everyone is particular about how many pillows they want on their bed. Some like to pile on the squishy ones while others like a single luxurious firm body pillow. Whatever your preference, satisfy it. Pillows are a minor expense well worth the comfort.

2. Keep it clean

Keep it clean

Never underestimate the power of a clean bed. Flip and clean the mattress regularly to fend off dust, moisture and itchy dust mites that can impair your breathing. Extract grime by leaving baking soda on the surface for an hour then vacuuming it up.

1. Layer on the goodies

Layer on the goodies

It can start to seem like a bit much – egg-crate, topper, sheet, comforter, maybe a comforter in a duvet and pillows of all sorts. All of these add-ons are quick ways to make your bed more comfortable, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Start with what you can afford and add on from there if you find you need more. Don’t settle for low-quality, minimal bedding. Stretch your money by shopping on the big sale days.

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