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Best of … ways to move your stuff

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 15, 2011
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One of the best of ways to move your stuffContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

There are right ways and there are wrong ways to safely move your stuff; whatever your stuff may be.

For example, the Griswold’s transport of a dog that is no longer on the leash attached to the back bumper after 100 miles of driving in the movie Vacation. Or the recently passed Grandmother strapped to the roof of the Country Squire wagon in the aforementioned classic. These are noted examples of how not to move your stuff.

For the right ways, take a look at the following best ways to move your stuff:

Bike rack

The right way to get it there

One of the best of ways to move your stuff

For the cyclist, it’s not always about the ride to get there. For some, heading for a day of mountain biking or roadwork requires transporting your ride to the appropriate launching point. Camping World can help you do just that safely and securely with a variety of mounted bike racks. And the prices will keep you smiling all through the ride; or at least until the first bug is accidentally ingested.

Saddle bags

Reliable, great looking bike gear

One of the best of ways to move your stuff

If there’s a downfall to riding, it’s trying to move your stuff. You can’t exactly pop the trunk on a bike, so taking the essentials along with you on a long ride takes the right equipment. A motorcycle gear dealer is very much aware of the need, and is here to help. They have dozens of choices in saddlebags and bike luggage, from hardsided to leather, and big to just-enough-for-a-day-trip. They also have the mounting hardware and accessories you need to keep the bags (and everything you put inside) safe and secure no matter how long your trip turns out to be.

ATV Case

Smart camo look

One of the best of ways to move your stuff

While holding onto the last days of summer like grim death is an admiral pursuit, eventually Fall is going to roll around. For hunters, that’s nearing prime time. If an ATV is part of your hunting arsenal, you’ll love this RealTree AP Camo Rear Case available from our friends at Camping World. It’s big enough to hold everything you need for a day in bush without hindering maneuverability. As you might imagine, it’s heavy duty enough to withstand ever the harshest weather conditions.

Kayak carrier

Get to the water

Kayak carry rack from Overtons

If you’re not already, you certainly will be the hit of the Kayak Ball with this J-Pro2 Kayak Carrier. These are mounted with an unique universal mounting system easily fits round, square, and factory oval load bars. They fit all sizes of kayak, protecting it from scratches and damage on the way to and from the water.

Wheeled luggage

Why carry what you can pull or push?

When it comes to moving your stuff on a trip, picking the right suitcase is most of the battle. Make sure your bag carries the load on wheels, is big enough to fit everything you need to carry, and can stand up to the kind of abuse airlines simply love to dish out. This wheeled duffle bag from Filsons can hold you what you need it to hold and go the distance in your trunk, on a bus or train, or even the hands of world-class suitcase tossers at the airport.

Heck, it’s probably big enough for you to climb in yourself…but we wouldn’t recommend it!

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