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Ways to Waste Time at Work

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 19, 2014
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waste time at workby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

No matter how good an employee you are, there is going to come a time when you decide that you don’t want to keep you nose to the grindstone.

Maybe you just finished a huge report and you’re a little burnt out. Maybe you’re just mad at your boss for not recognizing your hard work or long hours. Whatever the reason, from time to time you are going to want to do something at the office that isn’t really tied into getting your job done. What do you do once you’ve decided to make a little money doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing? Here are the top ten ways to waste time at work.

10. Make Phone Calls

make phone calls

: Are you behind on making a couple of personal phone calls? Maybe you need to find out what your friends are going to be doing this weekend? You can always make those calls while you are at your desk and as long as you aren’t openly discussing whether or not you’re finally going to get the waitress at your favorite water hole’s phone number, you can make it look like your calls are business calls.

9. Desk Exercises

Desk Exercises

Doing something like a set of “office exercises” can make you feel like because you are being healthy, you aren’t even wasting time. You are in fact wasting time, unless your boss is really understanding and has allowed for paid workout time.

8. Eat


Depending on when you get to the office and when you leave, there are plenty of opportunities to burn some time eating at your desk. You can have a nice long, leisurely breakfast while reading the morning paper, you can have a tasty lunch and you might even be able to sneak in dinner at your desk depending on your quitting time. You can also obviously have several snacks and that means hitting the vending machines and more time burned.

7. Play Online Games

Play Online Games

This particular method of wasting time is one of the most popular ways to waste time at the office, but there is a caveat. Some offices block access to online games and other work places track an employee’s online movements. You might want to limit the amount of time you spend doing this, depending on other factors.

6. Online Shopping


If you don’t want to run the risk of actually have a game on your desktop there are other ways to do a little online time wasting. Online shopping is a all-time favorite time passer. What better time to do a little Christmas shopping than when you are at the office? Your computer is right there!

5. Pay Your Bills

Pay Your Bills

Another great way to waste some time, while looking like you are hard at work is to pay your bills. No matter whether you are cutting checks or paying online, you can look as if you are hard at work on big project while actually balancing your personal budget.

4. Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Slap on those headphones and take in some tunes. There are numerous different ways you can settle in and listen to some music rather than actually get work done. YouTube, Pandora and iTunes are just a couple of the services you can use to listen to music at your desk.

3. Talk to Coworkers

Talk to Coworkers

Getting up and walking around is always a great way to waste some serious time. If you get up and go talk to a coworker, you can even camouflage your socializing as talking about work.

2. Play Fantasy Sports

Play Fantasy Sports

One of the most popular ways to shed some serious work time is to play any number of different fantasy sports. The best part about this is that there are so many fantasy sports games out there that you can spend an entire day just setting your lineups.

1. Use Social Media

Use Social Media

There may not be a better time waster in all the world than using social networking sites while you are at work. Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other sites can help you while away the minutes doing anything other than working.

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