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Ways to Wear Real Fur

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 25, 2015
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how to wear furby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Designers are doing beautiful things with fur.

Today’s styles aren’t just for people of a certain high society. Modern trends are made for to be worn every day, not just for the operas or annual gala.

These top ways to wear real fur are for anyone who wants to stay warm or simply stand out.

10. With leather

With leather

Pairing sumptuous fur parkas with leather tights is like spreading butter on bread – works like a dream. Crawl inside and never come out, or just rock the look on any city street. Your choice. These babies are warm so they’re ideal for the dead of winter. Leather or trimmed boots are all you need to complete this cozy number.

9. Street cred

Street cred

Gals who love to slip into a furry jacket tend to have a penchant for sensual glamour, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know their way around the streets. Take a cue from models and pair patchwork coats with dark pants, dark lipstick and black booties. A retro-inspired ‘do like a chignon, swept up bun or a top twist is an ideal finishing touch.

8. Chubbies and skinnies

Chubbies and skinnies

Adventurous souls rock their chubbies with skinny jeans, a slim clutch and bold statement jewelry. Smudge your eyeliner and toss perfectly matted hair for cool, mysterious results. This is a nightlife uniform for fashionistas.

7. Shaggy meets denim

 Shaggy meets denim

The shaggier the better when you’re looking for ways to wear real fur with denim, torn denim ideally. It’s a perfect pairing of sexy opposites. Keep your sunglasses dark and over-sized and your locks shaggy and people just may mistake you for a rock star.

6. Gone rugged

Gone rugged

Not all luxurious furs lead to high glamour. Go the opposite direction and pair any style with a plaid flannel for a noticeably rugged contrast. Practical winter boots, minimal makeup and casual hair complete this look wherever it may take you.

5. Colorful


Only the bold and brave can pull off colorful fur. Maybe that’s you. Those who do really don’t have to bother with makeup and accessories. No need to brush your hair either as all eyes will be on what you’re wearing. Simple dark jeans and a plain tee underneath. There are short emerald jackets, long and sporty blue with stripes, casually multi-colored and pink. Yes, pink!

4. Perfect polish

Perfect polish

Luxe fur coats need no sidekicks or accessories. Create a perfectly polished look with a trendy black turtle neck and matching beanie. During the day, add cat-eye shades and simple loose hair. Sneakers or leather boots look fabulous, as well as any dark fitted pants. This is an outfit made for either work or play, a night in the city or a weekend on the mountains.

3. Vests


Vest are all over stores and major fashion districts from leather and puffy parkas, to soft furs. Let the vest take the spotlight and tone the rest of the outfit down, adding minor touches of wow with shiny red nails, an alligator pendant and a deluxe patterned clutch. Match the color of the outfit to the vest and keep other textures to a minimum.

2. Trimmed jackets

Trimmed jackets

Some of the most versatile ways to wear real fur call for jackets trimmed with it. This is a style you can wear for both formal and casual occasions. Throw on a winter beanie and you’re all set whether you have a strapless little black number on or a soft alpaca sweater.

1. Exaggerate every detail

Exagerate every detail

Furry capes and coats often have an over-the-top look, but that’s part of their appeal. Women are fascinated with this hot winter trend because it’s so different from the norm. Enjoy the fun of bold steps by pairing a vintage style with kitten heels, distressed jeans and an elaborate top that hangs far below the waistline.


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