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Wedding Invitation Fonts

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 18, 2014
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wedding invitation fontsContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

A wedding is an important and beautiful day for the happy couple, so announcing the date to the world or at least the bride and groom’s immediate family and friends should be done with style and beauty as well.

Much can be subtly implied about the type of wedding and reception by the type of wedding invitation fonts used. Wedding experts recommend limiting yourself to one typeface on a invitation so they don’t clash. But what font to choose? Fear not! Whether your wedding is going to be traditional, casual or off-the-wall fun, there’s a wedding invitation font to express it on your invitations, announcements, thank-you cards and programs.

10. Sackers Gothic

Sackers Gothic

A simple yet stylish font for a traditional look. Good if you’re looking for all caps. And it’s versatile, too. This is a wonderful font for a starkly modern wedding in an unexpected setting (train yard? warehouse?), but it’s just as at home for a classically traditional affair in a fine hotel.

9. Helvetica


Another popular font, variations are available from bold to light. It’s common on print work and in books, but it’s still somewhat unexpected for a wedding invitation. That makes it a great choice for a modern look invitation, or a book/newspaper themed invite.

Another plus — it’s easy to read, even in smaller sizes so it’s great for invitations to older relatives or friends.

8. Ashley Script

Ashley Script

When you’re going for a handwritten only better look on your wedding invitation, this is the ticket. The simple lines of this font make it ideal for tech lovers, artists, architects and designers. Pair it with strong but simple graphics in black and white for a truly dramatic invitation.

7. Curlz


Amusing and whimsical – use bold colors to show this wedding will be a fun time. Choose this font if the wedding will feature things like a silly photo booth or unexpected music. Great for save-the-date cards too.

6. Papyrus


Give your invitations an ancient feel with the Papyrus script. Consider printing the invites on papyrus-style stock, rolling them up and securing them with a wax seal. If your love is timeless, your invitation style can be too.

5. Edwardian Script

Edwardian Script

Go with this font and your invitation will have the look of a British royal wedding. This is the ideal wedding invitation font for a formal affair in the city’s finest hotel. Or opt for it for a hopelessly romantic wedding no matter where it’s being held. Just make sure your font size is large enough for everyone to read it…complex script can get tricky if it’s too tiny.

4. Harrington


A combination of fancy and fun, possibly for a quirky style card. This font is popular with younger couples who are looking for a playful feel for their invitations, save-the-date cards and announcements. It’s also growing in popularity for beach weddings.

3. Scriptina


A fun variation on a script font for a less formal invitation or a wedding program fan. It also works wonderfully on a larger format invitation on exceptionally fine paper stock for a formal or traditional wedding.

2. Amazone


A simple romantic font for a simple romantic invitation. It’s feminine without being fussy, so the groom won’t feel left out when he sees this on the invitations or announcements. And it’s easier to read than many other cursive fonts.

1. Wedding Text

Wedding Text

The classic font for an elegant traditional invitation. Perfect for a gate-fold style, larger card. It’s also the perfect choice for a Ren Faire wedding. As with the papyrus font, this is an ideal option for a rolled scroll invitation.

Most wedding invitation sites will let you try creating your wording in different fonts before you place an order. Take advantage of these tools to help you pick the right font for your special day.

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