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Wishes for the Holiday Season

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 21, 2012
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holiday wishesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

As the streets twinkle with holiday lights and children sneak just one more cookie from the jar, you now it’s that time again.

It’s time to welcome gingerbread men back into our lives, reflect and send out warm thoughts.

Whether you write them on greeting cards or sing them door to door, these best wishes for the holiday season will boost your karma points for next year and leave your loved ones feeling fuzzy.

10. Keep dreaming

Keep dreaming

The season is a dream come true for many youngsters – Santa Claus, specialty treats and a tree in the living room loaded with lights! But it’s a hard time for people who’ve lost loved ones or faced a difficult year. Sending holiday cards to friends and family can be an incredibly meaningful gesture. Taking the time to write a few words of encouragement for the year ahead reminds us that the future is filled with possibilities.

9. Deck the halls

Deck the halls

Fa la la la la la! Surrender to those crazy decorating impulses. Silver garland on the ceiling, strung popcorn on the tree and grandma’s crocheted Santa stockings big enough to hold a bowling ball – why not? Let out your wacky inner Christmas decorator. It’s all temporary and fends off bah humbugs.

8. Be warm

Be warm

With or without a beautiful fireplace, there’s no reason for anyone to be cold this time of year. With warmth comes a feeling of comfort and security. Who wouldn’t want that for everyone? If you have spare jackets and blankets to donate, now is the time to bring them to shelters.

7. Be wise

Be wise

The holidays are a lot like a favorite children’s book. The traditions we learn as kids carry more significance as adults. No matter how many times you follow the same cookie recipe or sing the same songs, they always mean something. We wish wisdom for ourselves and loved ones to help us not drink too much eggnog and lead a more spiritual life year round.

6. Let it snow

Let it snow

Don’t blame Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney for our fixation on white Christmases, this fixation goes further back. A fresh snowfall casts a dream-like haze over everything, making your ordinary streets seem suddenly magical. Snow is an ideal backdrop for celebrations that are so far removed from our everyday routines. Plus we deserve snowmen, ice skating and mugs of rich hot cocoa after one too many frenzied ventures to the mall.

5. Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah

Wishes for the holiday season extend to people of all religions. Send a heartfelt Happy Hanukkah to Jewish families as they light a candle on each of the eight nights. The festival of lights is a time of warmth, traditions and fantastic home cooking.

4. Be merry

Be merry

It’s too easy to let holiday stress get to you. Getting all worked up about shopping lists and stocking up on everyone’s favorite holiday cookies (and they all like something different) can blind you to the simplest tiding of all. Make a conscious effort to be merry and joy will help you ride whatever waves may come.

3. Peace on earth

Peace on earth

Of all the wishes for the holiday season floating around, peace on earth may be the most universal. It allows us to imagine a day when every person lays down their weapons and politics and focuses entirely on contributing to the wellness of the universe. Imagine all we could accomplish if every country poured resources into peace not war.

2. Be healthy

Be healthy

The season marks the end of another year. Look around at all you’re grateful for and don’t forget your health. Maintaining it is an on-going process. When loved ones wish you good health, they often exclude the fine print. It takes work not luck. Join a gym, use those running shoes or take up yoga. Invest in diet and exercise products like a really good scale, health tracker, or small training equipment you can use indoors. And eat more greens!

1. Love


The brighter and shinier stores get after Thanksgiving, the more important it is to look inward. Classic movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol have driven this message home for decades. A life well lived is about giving all the love you have to give. From greeting cards and hugs, to a phone call or helping someone hang their lights, there are numerous ways to express love. Collect them all!


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