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Top 10 Hottest Christmas Toys Fads

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 19, 2010
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Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

It happens every year. Your kids hear through the grapevine about a new toy and suddenly they cannot live without it, and suddenly you’re standing in line at 4 a.m. on Black Friday hoping you haven’t missed the wrist band cut-off.

So what will the hottest Christmas toys fads be this year?

Joining the long line of Christmas must-haves, from Barbies to Ferbies, are this year’s top 10 hottest Christmas toys, starting at number ten and finishing with the #1 hottest toy fad for the Christmas gifting.

10. LEGO Hogwarts

The 7th Harry Potter book has concluded the magical saga (so they say), the last two movies have wrapped and Disney has re-created the wizarding world, but Potter mania is not over. A whole generation of young children is discovering Harry Potter for the first time. Imagine their shrieks of joy when they open LEGO Hogwarts or one of the many other LEGO sets on Christmas morning. Complete with figures of Harry and Hermione, here’s a gift you can play with long after your kids pass out in their post-present opening nap.

9. Squinkies

Wondering where to catch the bandwagon for the hardest to find, but hottest Christmas toys? Try the corner of Squinkies and playsets. Squinkies sold out at all major toy stores in September. Now, parents who don’t want Squinkie-less children are snatching them up like wild fire. In case you live on Mars, Squinkies are cute little animals like cats, dogs, and monkeys. They come in a bubble house and you have to squeeze them to play with ‘em. Each figure has a hole in the bottom so they can go on pencils or rings. Sold in an affordable pack of 16, Squinkies take the cake for best deal.

8. Dance Star Mickey

Tired of tickling Elmo? Dance star Mickey walks, talks and dances in multiple musical styles with a simple tap of his foot. On top of many Most Wanted toy lists, this Mickey is more engaging than a stuffed animal and possibly a better dancer than the sitter.

7. Zoobles

Living in the land of Petagonia, Zoobles are tiny, adorable creatures that pop into their full size when placed on a special spot in their homes. Zoobles have their own universe of playsets and accessories. Kids have fun creating an underwater world or treehouse set with their favorite characters.

6. BIGFOOT the monster Imaginext Fisher Price

The legendary Big Foot monster is apparently no longer willing to live alone in the forest. Bring him into your home and he’ll teach your kid to throw tantrums, somersault and take a nap. He also does somersaults, exercises and more when his foot-shaped remote control is in your child’s hands. The buttons are symbols so kids age 3 and up can operate them even if they can’t read. Snacks are included, as well as a ball he’ll throw at you. Batteries not included, but are they ever?

5. Nerf Stampede

For kids over 8 who enjoy some play with their combat, the Nerf Stampede is one of the hottest Christmas toys. The Nerf N-Strike Stampede offers a fully automatic clip system with a popout bipod you can use as a handle or stabilizer to ensure you hit your target (ahem, to ensure your kids hit their target). The blaster comes stocked with a shield, 3 clips that hold 18 darts each, a re-load clip, and 60 darts.

4. Sing-a-Ma-Jigs

One way to shop for kids is to remember that kids are people, too. And people like gadgets of all kinds. Where parents may cringe at a plush gadget that sings, kids squeal with delight. Every time you squeeze a soft sing-a-ma-jig, it sings. Get two in a room together and they harmonize. Yes, they do. Each sing-a-ma-jig has a signature song like Oh, Susanna or When the Saints go Marching In.

3. Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Set

The Toy Story may have concluded, but the characters can live on in your child’s toy chest forever and ever. Send your kids into space with Buzz with the deluxe action wing set. Automatic wings expand when you push a button. The wing set triggers when held horizontally, setting off lights and sounds that make the flying experience seem beyond real.

2. Drawing Tablet for Wii

Nintendo’s Wii Drawing Tablet is an interactive game that helps kids learn how to draw and encourages them to get creative. The Wii Tablet attaches to the remote so your kids’ illustrations appear on the television screen.

1. Loopz Electronic Memory Game

Build your kids memory skills with the Loopz Memory Game. Kids are challenged to repeat patterns of light and music by waving their hands. Loopz also has game modes for creating music or beats.


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