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How to find movie times

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Go online to find your movie
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It's easier than you think

These days, many people are staying home to watch movies either on cable TV or by popping in one of those Disney DVD movies, or they buy movies on DVD, but not everyone.


Many people still like the feeling of a movie theater, the crowd and the sound hitting them from all sides of the room. When they do decide to go to the movies, things are a little different than they used to be. You can still look through the newspaper, find movie times and then buy your tickets at the theater, but there is another way.


These days you go online for just about anything you need or want, and that includes your movie viewing experience. Movie tickets, theaters, showtimes, trailers  - even reviews - can be found quickly and more easily online. Sites such as and give you access to movie tickets&theater showtimes. Itís easy.


Go online

After you have done a search for "movie times" or even just the word "movies," you will be amazed at how to find movie times using the internet. Your first click will take you to movie sites such as those mentioned above. When you get there, you will have the option of typing in your zip code or you city and state, or you can type in the movie you are interested in seeing if you have one already planned. When you do, you will be taken to a page that gives you links to the theaters in your area or the movie you are interested in seeing. You can even click on a day or two ahead to find out the movie times and to buy your tickets that far in advance.



What time?

When you decide what time you would like to go to the movies, click on that time. You will be taken to a page that allows you to purchase your tickets directly. If the tickets are sold out for that time, or if it is too close to movie time, you will be directed to choose another time or, if it is too close to the time of the showing, you will be directed to purchase your tickets on-site directly from the movie theaterís tickets counter.


Find the kiosk

A successful purchase produces a confirmation page which you can print out or save to your computer if you prefer to save your printer ink. This page gives you a confirmation number, but you do not really need it to pick up your tickets. Simply go to the kiosk at the theater making sure you use the same credit card. When prompted, you swipe your card and your tickets will print out along with your purchase receipt.


It is truly that simple to figure out how to find movie times online and to purchase your tickets ahead of time. Check it out yourself to see how easy it is to move into the internet age and use it to find out how to find movie times using a different way than before. Just click, purchase and pick up your tickets, then follow the most important step: enjoy the show!

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