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By Jean Sanders
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Teach your children to stay entertained and learn at the same time safely on the Internet.
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These Internet webpages for children are free!

The internet has countless websites that offer a plethora of fun learning websites for your child that are only a click away. The web offers many sites that provide kids with wholesome fun. Here are some of the best kids websites around.

Ask For Kids

This search engine is easy to use and provides answers that are geared for children. Just type in a question like, "How does hair grow?" or "How high is the sky?" Read through the explanations and check out the information provided.

Crayola offers lots of creative projects to entertain young minds. At this site, you can create cards, color, and sort through instructions for a variety of activities. Some of the projects include making airbrushed gift-wrap, a wiggly yarn design, and a finger octopus.

Fun Brain

This site is a great place to learn and have fun at the same time. It offers math games and reading activities for all levels. Check out some of the games such as Math Baseball, Change Maker and Fresh Baked Fractions. It even has Sudoku, a game that is sure to give brain muscles a good workout.

Consider this site the next time you hear your child say, "I'm bored." The games, magic tricks, recipes, experiments and craft projects will help get the creative juices flowing. If that doesn't work, try the Boredom Busters section. This site offers plenty of activities to do online and also off the computer.

Kids Click

This site features a web search for kids by librarians. It allows children to find appropriate web content on a variety of subjects. The links provided are non-commercial and non-violent.

Kids Go Wild

Sponsored by The Wildlife Conservation Society, this website offers information on all aspects of animals and wildlife conservation. Kids can learn about what others are doing to protect endangered animals in the Wild News section. They can also read about Wild Animal Facts and play the Wild Arcade. This site does an excellent job of making learning fun for kids.

Kids Reads

This is a great place for kids to find out about the latest in literature. It includes information on authors and books. It also lists book reviews and movies based on books. Check out this site before you hit the library or bookstores; it will help you decide what to look for.

Nasa Kid's Club Home Page

Here children can take a virtual tour through space, learn about space exploration, and view pictures. They can also build a rocket and find out who is traveling in space right now. Various activities are available for different age groups.

National Geographic Kids

This is a great place to learn about animals and their environments. Kids can watch videos, participate in games and activities, and read stories. They can also personalize a page of their own to mark their favorite games and links.

Play Music

For those interested in developing their musical skills, this site is a perfect stop. Kids will learn different types of instruments, how they are made, and what directors and musicians do. They can even write their own music. Shockwave games related to music are also available.

The Kidz Page

This website has something for everyone kids, parents and teachers. It offers hundreds of free games, puzzles, activities, coloring pages and clip art. Many of the activities can be printed off and are updated on a regular basis.

These websites may enhance your child's skills and knowledge. They can also help children understand how to use the Internet for good, clean fun. There are also plenty of other fun websites for kids that offer the same safe and educational fun.

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