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Birthday party invitation ideas

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Create a theme for your child's birthday party, and then use that theme for invitations, food, decorations, and party games
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Use one of these invitation ideas to make your child's party a success.

Throwing a fantastic birthday party for your child is a great way to express your love and affection. Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy birthday parties, either – we never outgrow our love for celebrations. There are many elements that go into planning a spectacular party, but one of the first things you will need to do is design your invitations. There are many birthday party invitation ideas that can give you a place to start.

For a child’s birthday, figure out the party’s theme first, because you will want your invitations to reflect that theme. Using invitations with unique shapes will tell your party guests to expect a fun and unusual party. Make sure your invitation includes all the necessary information: date, time (including ending time!), place, and your phone number for RSVP.

Sports theme

For a sports-themed birthday party, think outdoor fun and lots of activities. For the invitations, use a template for a baseball glove or football or any other sports item that demonstrates your child’s personality. Many party planning companies have pre-printed invitations available in a variety of shapes.

Magic theme

If your party is going to have a Harry Potter or other magic-related theme, send out an invitation that suddenly “appears.” Using a plain white card, write the pertinent information in white crayon. At the top of the card, using a black marker, write, “This magical invitation will appear when rubbed with the enclosed magic wand.” Then tuck a red or other dark-colored crayon into the envelope with the invitation. When the child rubs the colored crayon across the white writing, the information will “magically” appear.

Princess theme

To make a royal party for your own little princess, you can start with an invitation fit for royalty. You can purchase pre-printed crown-shaped invitations, or create your own royal-looking decree. Purchase some ecru or ivory-colored paper and cut each piece into quarters. Then tear carefully along the edges to give the paper a parchment look. Using calligraphy or elegant script, write the details of your party invitation in gold or silver glitter pen. Roll your invitation like a scroll, and tie with purple ribbon.

Jungle or safari theme

For the little adventurer in your family, a jungle or safari-theme is perfect. Think African animals and exploration. For the invitation, purchase some jungle animal stickers from your local craft store. Write the party information in the center of your invitation, and then decorate the edges with stickers. Use a green marker to draw jungle vines on the borders and around the words to give it a true adventure feel.

These are only a few of the birthday party invitation ideas you can use to kick-start your party into fun-mode. Follow through with your theme when planning decorations, food, and party games, and you’ll give your child a birthday party that will not be forgotten.

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