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By Nancy Livingstone
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The Internet can serve as a learning tool with great kids educational sites
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These websites improve kids' skills while they have fun

The web is full of information for children of all ages. Many sites offer opportunities for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Here are ten of the best kids' educational sites around.

America's Story From the Library of Congress, this site offers a look into the history of the nation. Children can meet famous people throughout the history of the United States, from writers and artists to U.S. Presidents. They can also explore all fifty states. This site is easy to maneuver and provides a large supply of information for children.

American Treasures Kids can view pictures of documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, from different periods of American history. The site is divided into three main areas: Memory, Reason and Imagination. It is updated regularly with new exhibits.

Aplus This website is a great stop for students who want to improve their math skills. They can choose from a variety of interactive games, including Matho and Hidden Picture. Kids and parents can create and print flashcards using the Flashcard Creator. The Homework Helper checks homework answers online.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye offers a great site on science. Here kids will learn about Bill Nye the Science Guy and his show. They can also choose from a variety of experiments to try at home, read through the question of the week section, and find other ways to improve their science skills.

Fun This site offers plenty of math games and reading activities for all levels. Check out some of the games such as Math Baseball, Change Maker, Fresh Baked Fractions, and Shape Surveyor. It even has Sudoku, a game that is sure to give brain muscles a good workout.

How Stuff Great for older children, this site offers information on everything from computers to travel to health. Written in simple form, these articles satisfy curious minds seeking to figure out how things function in the real world.

Kids This site gives children an inside look into the world of banking and money. Be sure to visit the introduction pages for parents first. Then scroll through the various activities with your children. They can learn about where money comes from and how it is made. They will also see how interest works, what checks are for, and the ins and outs of electronic banking.

Kids Go Sponsored by The Wildlife Conservation Society, this website offers information on all aspects of animals and wildlife conservation. Kids can learn about what others are doing to protect endangered animals in the Wild News section. They can also read about Wild Animal Facts and play the Wild Arcade. This site does an excellent job of making learning fun for kids.

Play For those interested in developing their musical skills, this site is a perfect stop. Kids will learn different types of instruments, how they are made, and what directors and musicians do. They can even write their own music. Shockwave games related to music are also available.

Weather Wiz This site presents a vast amount of weather information. Children can read about weather words and laugh at climate-related jokes. They can find experiments to try at home, like making it rain or forming a tornado. Weather explanations are also provided, such as why the sky is blue and how we get rainbows.

The Internet can serve as a learning tool for children. These kids educational sites will help them improve their skills while having fun. Be sure to supervise all children's activities on the Internet. By participating in your children's online learning, you can enhance their education and skills even more.

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