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Water pool toys for pool fun in the water

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Water pool toys can be larger than life
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Water pool toys for splishing splashing pool fun

My son was on Spring Break last week. Sure, it was a break for him, but not for me. My elementary school terror loves guns - not his arm muscles, not pistols or revolvers, he loves water guns. I curse myself for ever buying him one in the first place, but I guess I had to learn the hard way. I got super soaked by his water gun every time I turned around, it was like an old vaudeville show. I finally sent him off to camp, unarmed.

This Summer Iím getting him one of these Starfighter water pool toys. He can shoot things with water all he wants in our pool with his very own UFO Ė Unidentified Floating Object.

If your kid loves shooting things as much as mine does, he or she will go nuts for this Last Starfighter alien spaceship that has a cool built in sunroof and a water blaster that will never run out of ammo. Every kid will want to save the galaxy, floating across the pool while shocking aliens, squirrels, cats, dogs, neighbors and innocent bystanders and sunbathers with their super out of this world water blaster.

I donít want to be invited to that gunshow.


- Made of heavy gauge PVC vinyl

- Free shipping!

- Price: $60.99

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