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Summer 2007 fashions

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summer fashion
Find out what's in style for the summer ahead
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This season, summer fashion is all about making bold statements with a seemingly endless array of choices to create a fun and diverse summer wardrobe.

Active Wear

Summertime beckons us outdoors and invites us to get active! Whether you choose to go rock climbing, mountain biking or running alongside the ocean, you will find the perfect outfit to work with your energy level. Never before have so many lines of clothing been geared towards a woman's active lifestyle, and it's time to take advantage of them! You are no longer limited to lycra bicycle shorts and will be happy to discover that cami tank tops are being made longer, with a choice of built-in shelf bras or underwire to optimize comfort while working out. Treating yourself to a new fitness outfit may serve as just the right motivator to get you out of the house and exploring nature during the most energizing season of the year.

Fun in the Sun

Never have there been so many options in bathing suits as you will discover this year. Two piece mix and match bathing suits are popular this season and you can choose the amount of coverage for each piece. Bathing suit skirts provide more coverage for the bottom than traditional bikinis while tank style shirts provide more for the top. Triangle style tops are still in, and, always, when selecting a bathing suit consider indulging in bright colors, such as raspberry, turquoise, sea blue and dark green, or pieces with bold prints. While there is no substitute for a strong sunblock this summer, don't forget to invest in one of the many great dress-style cover-ups to wear once you emerge from the water.

Casual Lounging

Micro shorts and mini skirts, coupled with chunky wedge heels, are popular this summer, so if you setting a fitness goal try toning those legs! But if you're baring your legs this summer, be sure to cover your chest - or vice versa. Daring to reveal one select body part at a time is considered sexy without overdoing it. For those who are just not into mini, you've got some fabulous alternatives! Capri pants are still as popular as ever, while skirts just grazing the knee are also very stylish. You can choose to wear leggings or skinny pants beneath any of the mini skirts or micro dresses if you choose not to show so much skin.

Bright summer dresses create a carefree summer attitude and are, not surprisingly, always in - but this summer they take on a romantic flair. Some of the greatest styles involve ribbons, bows, and soft floral patterns in an array of pastel colors. This year, you can set yourself free and choose from a variety of looks that work for you because anything and everything flowing is in. Whether you like long, ruffled cotton dresses, tunics or short flirty sundresses with bold prints, you will fit right in this summer. A-line dresses, both in short and longer lengths, as well as those with empire lines, halter necklines, belt and wraps, and textured with arts and craft touches are abundant this summer as well. Remember, with so many options this season, the key is to create a look that meshes with your personal style and complements your individual body type. If you don't feel comfortable with a certain look, simply discard it. Fashion is a vehicle intended to enhance your beauty and allow your confidence to shine through.

Nights to Remember

A bold look for evening wear can be yours by looking out for the following when perusing the racks of your favorite department store. Think bold: bold colors and bold prints invite you to make a statement this summer. Bright yellow, large polka dots, and colorful floral prints are yours to choose. Consider selecting fabrics that make you feel feminine and sexy: satin, silk, and even chiffon. Also try experimenting with clothes featuring different types of volume sleeves; there are many types to choose from including trumpet, kimono, and balloon sleeves which add fullness to your outfit without piling on additional fabric.

Accessorize to the Max

New summer 2007 fashions beg for accessories, big and bold accessories. Think supersized: oversized purses, huge sunglasses, and enormous hats are all the rage this summer. Chunky jewelry, such as gold chains that can be wrapped around your neck or wrist several times and large, sparkling rings will satisfy your desire to get noticed. But don't let them vie for attention! Pick one key piece to flaunt per outfit. Large watches in any style continue to be popular additions. For an update on your current wardrobe, you can add metallic shimmer separates to your existing wardrobe for instant glamour. Consider a silver or gold metallic belt, purse, shoes or even a halter top to get trendy this summer. Brightly colored stretchy headbands are still in, and they'll come in handy when you want to keep your hair off your face as summer heats up and you get active outdoors!

It's great to know that this summers fashion celebrates the diversity of women, who come in all shapes and sizes, and allow them so many exciting choices to express themselves with style.

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