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The best hair cuts for a round face

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Kelly Clarkson
Singer Kelly Clarkson knows how to flatter her face with a wispy cut and swept to the side bangs
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Bring out your beauty with the right haircut for your face.

For every face shape, there is a perfect haircut. The good news is that women with a round face can choose from a variety of flattering styles. 

Long and straight

One of the best hair cuts for a round face is a long, straight style. The sleek, simple lines add length to a round face by providing a visual line to draw the eyes downward. Vary your style by parting to the center or side, or by adding a headband or clip to pull the hair back from the face. If your hair is thin or tends to go flat, consider adding some layers for texture and body. 

Long and softly wavy

Another good choice is a long, wavy style. While tight curls might add volume to the sides of the head making a round face look wider, long graceful waves can soften the lines of the face, giving you a feminine but slimmer look. 

Short and sweet

Short cuts with wispy ends or layers can flatter a round face. Avoid blunt cuts or smooth bobs, as these looks tend to emphasize the roundness, making your face look heavier than it really is. 

Bangs or no bangs?

If you have a high forehead or an unusual hairline in the front (such as a widow's peak), bangs are a good choice. If you have a round face, avoid heavy, blunt cut bangs which tend to round off the face even more. Instead, opt for light, wispy fringes, or thin bangs swept to the side. Either will cover the forehead and still give your face the open look so essential for round faces. 

What not to do

We've talked about the best hair cuts for a round face, but what are the worst choices?

Short and curly

While this style is adorable on a woman with a narrow or heart-shaped face, it makes round faces look heavier and wider than they really are.

Short and straight

Like the short curly style, a short straight bob will add pounds to your look, and make it more difficult for people to focus on your beautiful features. 

Long and tight to the head

While long styles are a natural for round faces, hair that clings closely to the head is a poor choice for a round face. Go for layers or waves to add texture instead.

Extremely full styles

Long or short, a hair style that would qualify as big hair is the wrong choice for a round face. Keep curls to a minimum, and avoid big puffy curls or teasing.

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