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What does a cowboy wear

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What does a cowboy wear for optimal comfort and durability

What does a cowboy wear? Or cowgirl, for that matter. Well, it's as much about comfort and durability as it is style.

Out on the plains, clothing made of natural fibers like cotton will provide for greater overall durability during winter months. Inclement weather, brush, and other such hazards won't cause the same wear and tear if you find the right get-up for the job. During the rigorous activities out on the ranch, farm, or open spaces, the right gear will keep a cowgirl or boy ready for the next challenge.

For many, clothes are a simple expression of self. What's important is the fact that their gear will stand up to the rigors of everyday life. So, below, we'll take a look at items that should be in every  closet.


Ever since John B. Stetson introduced the cowboy hat way back in the mid-1800's, it's been a staple of riders everywhere. More than just a fashion statement, it helps to keep the sun from a rider's eyes, as well as protect them from the elements. What used to cost around $15 back in the day now can run upwards of $400 for a quality hat.

According to the TrueCowboy website, the Stetson hat is the "greatest cowboy hat in existence." Today, Stetson offers not only hats, but clothing, shoes, eye wear, fragrances, and more. It offers a variety of clothing for all buyers, including cowhands.


The amounts and styles available for work/play/special occasions is astounding. For those looking to dress up for a party or other such special event, alligator, emu, ostrich, or other more refined materials can be worn to the shindig. These type of boots, though, won't offer the standard ruggedness and/or durability of regular boots.

For more casual affairs, a leather Western boot works for cowhands and it will provide all-around comfort. For workers, though, it's not particularly about style anymore, but real functionality. Coming from the experts, a taller boot is better, with leather providing both durability and longevity while protecting them against tall brush. As well, there are women's boots that offer form and functionality for women looking to live that cowgirl lifestyle.

Belt Buckle

Tracing the belt buckle's popularity all the way back to the 1920's, it's easy to see why the buckle is an integral part of the culture today. Thanks to the early films showing riders and cowhands with the belt buckle added to their attire, it became immensely popular. Before this time, most wore suspenders or a type of belt which didn't require a buckle; but after the 1920's, it became the new fashion.


For ranchers, apart from the everyday apparel, they will most likely be carrying a weapon for varmint control. As well, it may be used for recreational shooting, too. From Colt classics to .38 Specials, there are a wide variety of weapon choices for those looking to protect themselves or simply keep up with their skills during the day.


Of course a staple of both men's and women's Western wear are denim jeans. Sturdy, well made and unwashed styles are always the most practical. Women's bootcut jeans and trail pants are stylish solutions. Men's western clothing and women's western clothing are examples of personal expression on the part of the buyers. Denim shirts, bolo ties, ten-gallon hats, boots, and more, can be paired together to create that perfect outfit. Once again, it's about both comfort and durability for those whose job it is to ride long distances and toil on a ranch, farm, or open spaces for long periods of the day.

These clothes can be found in all age ranges, from babies up to adults. Thus, what does a cowboy wear has a variety of answers. In the end, though, it's about functionality, durability, comfort, and style. For more particulars on men's and women's apparel, be sure to head over to the American Cowboy website.


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Above photo attributed to Emilio Labrador

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