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Top women’s clothing brands

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Brand names can take some of the mystery out of shopping for women's clothing
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Chosing familiar brands in women's clothing can help you save

When it comes to clothes shopping, there's something about a label.   Familiar womens clothing brands  on the tag give you the feeling that you can trust the garment to fit well, look good and last.  And sometimes that's true.  But do you know when it's important to go for a name you know well, and when it's okay to go for a one time purchase?  Here's some advice to help you manage the maze of the brands.

Will you wear it once and then be done?

Some garments are not meant to be worn more than once or possible twice.  Ladies evening wear, prom dresses and wedding gowns typically fall into this category.  Few women want to wear that dramatic gown more than one or two times, so worrying about durability or how it will look once it's dry cleaned is probably not an issue.  Items like this are often given away or consigned after they've been worn.  Or in the case of wedding gowns, preserved and stored for their sentimental value.

When you're buying a gown, indulge yourself in the glamour of the moment.  Forget about looking for womens clothing brands you know well, and go for the perfect right-now-look instead.  

Will it be a foundation item in your wardrobe?

A classic blazer, a well cut skirt or perfect jeans are typical of the kinds of clothing women buy once in awhile, then use as the building blocks of their wardrobes.  When you need a garment to last and to retain its good looks season after season, looking for tried-and-true womens clothing brands makes sense.  You will feel confident with your purchase, even if it costs a little more to start.

Trendy, unknown manufacturers and designers might create a wonderful look, but the style may not stand the test of time.  Or the garment might not hold up well after a few trips to the dry cleaners, losing its shape and look. 

Will it be a familiar visitor to the laundry room?

Clothing that will be washed and worn a lot needs to have staying power.  Everyday choices like jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and business casual  separates need to be able to go from washer to dryer and still look good when you put them on.

In general, well known brands are a better choice for these hardworking clothes.  You know how they behave in a wash, and can count on months or years of reliable wear.

Is it an accent or update piece for your wardrobe?

Every wardrobe needs a solid infusion of new looks and new designers to remain fresh and exciting.  New and unfamiliar brands can often do a better job of providing those sparks of color, cut and design than more familiar womens clothing brands. 

And by trying new names, you may discover a new and more comfortable substitute for what you thought was the only brand for jeans, separates or other wardrobe basics.

Remember, even familiar brands can change

Sometimes that brand of jeans you've always loved won't fit as well.  Or the quality could change at your favorite designer's shop, as they adjust their demographics or respond to consumer spending  shifts.  
So keep your favorite and familiar brands on hand.  But keep your eyes open for the up-and-coming names, too.  Today's unknown brand could become tomorrow's favorite!

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