Fall decorating projects

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Bring rich fall colors into your home
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Fall decorating projects to fill your home with nature

As temperatures cool and leaves begin changing colors you don’t have to look far to find creative inspiration. Fall decorating projects give you an easy way to bring the natural beauty of the season indoors. Whether you’re a savvy crafter or looking for a few simple ideas, this list will have you rolling up your sleeves in no time.

Sometime the best ways to decide on what to make is to let your materials lead the way. Grab a basket and take a walk outside. Gather twigs, leaves, and a few autumn blossoms. Also take note of squashes at the market; Jack-o-lanterns aren’t the only creative way to use the unique squash shape in home décor.

Autumn Wreath

The simple structure of a wreath is the perfect canvas for displaying the endless variations of autumn foliage. Stretch out two wire coat hangers to form a circle then weave twigs and vines around the wires and between each other until it feels secure. Glue leaves, dried ferns and autumn flower buds on top for more color and texture.

If twigs and leaves are too messy, consider using silk vines, leaves and flowers to decorate your autumn wreath. Follow the same directions as with the fresh vines and dried leaves. You might want to use a wire wreath form to make building your creation easier and faster. These forms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are available at most local and online craft stores


Trees are so pretty when the leaves turn golden and deep red, it can be hard to take your eyes off of them. With fall decorating projects you don't have to. Snip a few small branches before they’re bare and use them to create a simple centerpiece. Secure the branches in a floral foam block inside of a decorative planter, and use a handful of pebbles and miniature gourds to conceal the foam.

Centerpieces serve as an elegant focal point in a dining room. Place one in a high-traffic area, like the foyer, for a warm seasonal welcome.

Gourd and Squash Vase

Pumpkins may be the scene stealers come Halloween, but they’re not the only carve-able squashes. Chop off the narrow top part of a butternut squash and hollow out the bottom half to create a temporary vase for dried or silk seasonal flowers. Use the meat from the squash for dinner and nothing gets wasted.

Gourds have long been used as decorative home décor all over the world. You can scoop out the center of them or dry them out and paint the outside for a unique table sculpture.

Silent Leaf Chime

Create the look of ever-falling leaves with one of the easiest fall decorating projects. Use the structure of wind chimes as your construction model, with an embroidery hoop for the top. Press handfuls of colorful leaves between large books. Knot several pieces of string around the hoop and then tie the string around the stems of leaves placed only an inch or two apart. Secure a pebble or acorn to the bottoms of the strings

Hang your leaf chimes just outside a window or by the porch so you can appreciate it all season.

House of Gourds

Gourds are all you need to work the autumn palette into your home. Pick up a variety of oddly shaped, colorful gourds of different sizes and arrange them on clear surfaces like the mantle or end table. Be sure to turn them every few days to prevent them from rotting quickly.

Fall is a whimsical time of year filled with hay rides, pumpkin patches and hot cider. It’s a season to savor by bringing the outdoors in. At the end of the day, reward yourself for all the hard work with a bowl of hearty harvest soup and a homemade caramel apple.


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