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Know how to choose the right adjustable bed
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Find the best bed for sleep when you know how to shop for an adjustable bed

If you know how to assemble an affordable adjustable sleep system that meets your needs shopping can be simple. Many consumers believe that the best bed for restful and rejuvenating sleep is one that addresses your specific health and ergonomic issues.

Adjustable beds are quickly becoming a bedroom standard because they are a cost-effective way to enhance overall quality of life. With so many frames and mattresses to choose from, one must carefully assess their needs to envision an ideal adjustable sleep solution that falls within their budget. 

The points below will guide you through the purchasing process, covering everything from a preliminary assessment of personal needs to choosing a mattress that will cohesively perform with the adjustable frame.  

1. Stop, think, and plan.

Some feel it smart to choose a mattress before choosing a bed frame. Others feel it’s better to select a bed frame first, since some mattresses may become damaged when used in conjunction with an adjustable frame. Both are valid arguments, however there is an important fist step that involves nothing but you, your mind, and your thoughts. 

The first step to choosing an adjustable bed frame is to take a moment to think about your specific needs so you may plan your purchase accordingly. Perhaps you suffer with sleep apnea, are on a tight budget, and desire a simple head-only adjustable bed to keep your air passageways clear throughout the night. Or, maybe you are an “early-adopter” of technology and wish to have an adjustable bed that you can control directly from your smartphone device. 

In any case, it is important to first identify your specific medical and lifestyle needs prior to planning the purchase of both adjustable frame and mattress. After taking a moment to consider your needs, you may then explore different bed frame and mattress combinations that will meet them.

2. Meeting your needs:  Head-only, Head and Foot, or Independent Adjustable Bed Frames

Most consumers picture old-fashioned hospital beds when they think of adjustable bed systems. However, a vast majority of adjustable beds are quite sophisticated, sleek, and fashionable when paired with bedroom décor.

There are three main classes of adjustable bed frames, and they are separated according to the extent to which the head or foot section may be adjusted:

Head-only Adjustable Beds

The first style raises only the portion of the mattress closest to the headboard, a function referred to as head-only adjustability. Head-only adjustable beds are a great option for many consumers because they are simple and thus inexpensive relative to the other classes described below. 

Individuals often use bed frames with head-only adjustability to find relief from sleep apnea, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), arthritis, and other medical conditions that are alleviated by elevating the upper body during sleep. These bed frames are not just for individuals with medical conditions, however. 

Head-only adjustable beds are an ideal entry-level option for consumers who have a budget of $1,000 or less to spend on a new bed frame. These individuals typically invest in a frame with head-only adjustability so they may read, write, watch television, or work on a laptop computer from a comfortable and upright position in bed.

Head and Foot Adjustable Beds

This second style is more comprehensive, giving users the ability to smoothly and evenly raise both head and foot sections of the bed. Referred to as "head and foot adjustability," these bed frames are a mid-line option that offers more features than head-only adjustable models. In addition to head and foot adjustability, these bed frames typically come with basic massage units that send soothing vibrations through the mattress. For most individuals, this luxurious add-on alone is enough to justify the higher price tag. 

Individuals with sleep apnea, GERD, arthritis, and a host of other medical conditions will find the same relief from a head and foot adjustable bed as they would in a simpler head-only adjustable model. However, these individuals receive the added benefit of being able to raise the foot end of the bed to enhance blood circulation throughout the night. This is particularly effective in helping individuals with lower back, hip, and sciatica health issues find pain relief.  

Independent Head and Foot Adjustable Beds

The third and final style of adjustable beds is also the most high-end and luxurious. Independent head and foot adjustable beds function the same as those with normal head and foot adjustability, with two main exceptions.

First, this class of beds allows for the head or foot section to be adjusted independently from one another. The term “independent” is key here, and consumers who wish to have the freedom to adjust head, foot, or head and foot sections must look for this specific designation. Secondly, this high-end class of adjustable bed frames typically offers a more expansive assortment of luxurious add-on features. For example, the massage units in these bed frames are more advanced and feature multi-mode settings that deliver a deeper and more diverse range of stimulation.

Independently adjustable frames may also come with sleep timers that gently and smoothly lower the bed to a flat position after a pre-set time elapses. Many of these beds also come with a pre-set zero gravity position that aligns the body in a position of least resistance to gravity, helping individuals with chronic body pain sleep more comfortably than ever before.  

3. Finishing your new sleep system with a compatible mattress

The final step to purchasing a new adjustable sleep system is to choose a mattress that will perform well with the adjustable frame. While most mattresses are compatible, it is nevertheless important to double check with the manufacturer prior to final purchase. It is recommended that consumers purchase both frame and mattress from a single, reputable retailer for two main reasons. 

First, retailers that specialize in the sale of adjustable bedding solutions typically offer compatible mattresses only. These retailers are well informed and may also help you find a mattress that will perform exceptionally well with the specific frame you choose. 

Second, adjustable bed and mattress retailers may offer substantial discounts when both frame and mattress are purchased together. In this way, those who choose to purchase both frame and mattress through a single specialty retailer gain the advantages of expertise, value, and convenience. 

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