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Display your collection throughout your home
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These collection display ideas will make them the room's focal point

Collectibles are often unique, one-of-a-kind treasures that are handed down through the generations or found in quaint out of the way places around the world. Your collectibles can have a common theme such as being made of lead crystal or have a more eclectic home decor accent with a variety of antiques, sculptures, or brass decor. 

No matter your preference, planning display space for collectibles is essential so your treasures get the spot of notoriety they deserve in your home.

Everyone enjoys showcasing collectibles. After all they are not your every day, run-of-the-mill items. Heirlooms, hand-blown glass, or fine china are all items to be put on display for family and friends to admire. Many people build collections around themes, like butterflies, lighthouses or another favored, sentimental or meaningful object.

To plan display space for collectibles, consider spaces that provide safekeeping for your items, good lighting, and optimal viewing! These tips provide ideas on creating new space or utilizing your existing space.

Home built-ins

If remodeling your home, consider shelving, hutches, or display areas that can easily be built into the walls of your home. This eliminates the need for freestanding furniture or hanging extra shelving to display your items.

Much like recessed nooks or built in book cases, home built-ins provide extra spacing meant just for displaying or storing collectibles, books, or DVD's. Built-ins are part of the home so they actually add value. A built-in shelf or nook with recessed, overhead spot lighting is the perfect way to highlight collectibles or even silk plants.

If built-ins are not a possibility, consider these other options to display space for collectibles.

Corner shelving

Show off your collectibles with decorative corner shelving. Whether your shelving space is made of glass, metal or a rich hardwood, your treasures will bring life to bland wall space and make your home decor collectibles stand out.

When planning display space, make sure the shelf is at eye level and out of reach of pets or young children. Corner spaces are often underutilized and provide a great storage option for display items. Collectibles that are glass, porcelain or ornate metals look especially nice against the white background of wall space.

Let the sun shine in

Another way to display collectibles is with a ledge or shelf above a kitchen or living area window. The natural light casts a glow on your display and compliments window dressings. Your collectibles will be in full view, but out of reach. Add recessed lighting above the shelf to display your items in the darker hours. This adds a touch of class when entertaining with family and friends.

Dedicate cabinet space

Protect and display your items behind glass! Some collectibles should be safely behind glass where they can be viewed from a safe distance. Crystal, glass and other fragile possessions can be on display without the worry of being handled.

Hutch or Cupboard

An antique hutch or cupboard is a great way to display heirlooms that have been passed down. Restore the cupboard to it's original finish or jazz it up with some color to suit your own personal taste for displaying items. A cupboard or hutch the perfect place to store dinner glassware or fine china and show it off.

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