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What are the best paying careers for women

By Susan Crowley
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A review of educational requirements, responsibilities, advantages and disadvantages and salaries for scoring the best paying careers for women.
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Opportunities for the Best Paying Careers for Women start with education

The best paying careers for women come with and without the preconceived glamour or prestige they often feign. But many jobs require an education with and proven record of accomplishment in the industry. Preparing for one§s chosen profession entails self-discovery, research, planning and a rewarding education.

Future employees of America should add a new equation to their educational considerations. Aside from selecting an exciting and fulfilling career, students should compare the return of a college education to the salary potential of a chosen field of study.

Here is a list of the best paying careers, compiled by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and MONEY Magazine and

>> College professor >> Computer/IT analyst >> Financial advisor >> Human resources manager >> Market research analyst >> Pharmacist >> Physician assistant >> Psychologist >> Real estate appraiser >> Software engineer

As with any job, all professions have their share of drawbacks, but many of the best paying careers for women, offer not only a rewarding salary but also professional stability and personal achievement. Review some of the best paying careers for women and why they are coveted:

Becoming a pharmacist takes six arduous years; however, the pay-off represents a lofty salary. Amid a rampant growth cycle in pharmaceuticals, one of the best paying careers for women is the pharmacy profession. The signing bonus coupled with the entry level salary starts at approximately, $100K. As with any profession, the downside of being a pharmacist is the stifled growth potential, angered patients and interaction with insurers. But as baby boomers reach retirement age, the need for more medications to be dispensed is projected to jump to more than four billion, - making pharmacists a secure and lucrative professional opportunity.

For females who love giving money management advice, another best paying career for women is a financial advisor. With more people responsible for planning their own retirement, everyone is in need of a financial planner. The profession offers a myriad of marketplace alternatives. From the small financial services boutique to the trust and savings magnate, financial advisors have a wealth of career options, starting with an average salary of $200K. However, behind the six-figure salary necessitates a college degree (business or finance), certification and (in example CFA, or CFP) as well as some continuing education and of course the every day stress of managing other people§s money.

Imagine a profession defining the corporate culture and strategy of a company. Human resource director responsibilities transcend crafting an employee newsletter and administrating employee benefits. Human resource directors are essentially strategic planners developing salary/benefit packages that accommodate company budget objectives as well as employee incentives. Educational prerequisites include: a Bachelor's degree, certification or preferably a master's degree. The challenge and excitement of promoting a cohesive workplace, offers a salary range from $100K to $300K, depending on the company.

Being a psychologist is a personally fulfilling career choice. Since the negative stigma associated with seeking counseling has been shattered, it has sparked the demand for psychologists. Unlike many of the other best paying careers for women, psychologists have the autonomy to work for themselves. As with the rigor of any career, psychologists contend with extra years of education and vying for the best graduate program. Nevertheless, the additional years of study are well worth the six-figure potential of this profession.

How appealing would it be - to be well compensated as a trendsetter of sorts? Market research analysts rank amongst the top ten of best paying careers for women. Since innovation is what drives our economy, companies analyze new products and services before taking them to market. Market research analysts are responsible for compiling the consumer data on buying habits and preferences versus dislikes. On the qualification side of the profession, education, a B.A and M.A. in statistics are ideal. Considering a senior executive of a consulting firm can rake in over $200,000 and have fun test marketing and re-branding products, the prospects are pretty exciting.

Regardless of one§s professional objectives, the best paying careers for women demonstrate how and why research, proper planning and a good education ultimately impacts one§s financial destiny.

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