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Which Kindle do I need

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Answers to which kindle do I need -- with descriptions of features and functions

With all the choices in the marketplace today, many potential e-reader buyers find themselves lost amidst a backdrop of what feels like a million different devices. Even the most hardened of e-reader vets may have difficulty slogging through the mine field, understanding prices, and figuring out the best features for their purposes.

Fortunately, we're here to help. Basically, e-readers are meant to read like real paper would; there's a sharp, distinct text that can be read anywhere and in any circumstances (sunshine, dark room, etc.). They are light which means they can be held comfortably in one hand. And many can last up to 8 weeks before the user needs to recharge.

There are many different options, depending upon what you are looking for: lower priced e-readers up to e-reader/tablet varieties which cost a little bit more. So, you ask, which Kindle do I need?

Let's take a look below at the various choices, prices, and conveniences each has to offer.

What Each Can Offer

Let's take a look at options within the Kindle e-reader family:

  • Paperwhite 3G: Billed by Amazon -- and many others -- as the world's most advanced e-reader, this new technology features a built-in light which can evenly illuminate your e-book, magazine, and more, during viewing. In sunny conditions or even in a darkened room you'll get the best reading experience available yet. There are two options: the 3G version or a device with only Wi-Fi. The 3G option will allow the user to download books from anywhere and at any time for free.
  • Kindle: The original comprises a 6" screen, Wi-fi connectivity, and 2 GB of storage. It currently runs $69.00.
  • Keyboard 3G: This version comes with a keyboard so if you will be planning on doing much typing or searching, this may be the e-reader for you. If not, there can be better options available. According to Gizmodo, it's both heavier and slower than the basic e-reader. As well, it's also around $70.00 more.

Moving into the broader Fire Family brand, we move past pure e-readers and to a more eclectic device intermixed with a full-blown tablet. Things like full web, email, apps, video, and more, can be done with it. Let's take a closer look below at your different options:

  • Fire HD 8.9" 4G: There are two options here encompassing the 4G variety or the Wi-Fi only. Both possess the gorgeous 8.9" HD 1920x1200 display. Currently, there are over 22 million TV shows, movies, songs, books, magazines, games, and apps waiting to be viewed on the tablet. The 4G runs approximately $499 while the Wi-Fi capable device will set you back $299.
  • Fire HD: With a 7" screen, 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, and an 11 hour battery, the Fire HD device costs around $199.
  • Fire: At $159, the device offers a LCD display without the HD capability, 8 GB of storage, and 8.5 hours of battery life.

For more information on all the previously mentioned e-readers/tablets, head over to to learn more.

Which Works the Best?

So, which kindle do i need? For those looking to be cost-conscious, the $69 Kindle can work wonders. It's light, holds over 1,000 books, and offers a no-glare surface. If you will need to be typing as much as you are reading, the Keyboard 3G can be another option. It does hold over 3,500 books, but if you're not going to be typing or searching as much, the Keyboard might not be the best option for you.

The Paperwhite provides the highest resolution touchscreen and the best overall reading experience. It has a fantastic battery life and works in a variety of different settings. It also holds up to 1,100 books and a user can download books -- like the other models -- in under 60 seconds.

For those looking to combine their e-readers with tablet functionality, the Fire Family offerings can't be beat. The device you covet will depend upon a variety of factors, like screen size, an HD or regular LCD screen, and/or whether the 4G option looks intriguing. As well, storage space will be a consideration, which runs the gamut from 8GB up to 64GB. 

Thus, there's a lot to like about each of these models. But if will be up to personal preference, desired features, and how much a person would like to pay for their new device. With prices as low as they are currently, it's a great time to look for a new e-reader/tablet for the holidays!

Resources: Kindle Homepage.

Gizmodo: Which Kindle Should I Buy?

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