Black Friday shopping tips

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Black Friday is the best day of the year to find the best sales on all kinds of goods.
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Follow these easy tips to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping spree

Black Friday is well-known by shopaholics as the Friday after Thanksgiving and the traditional beginning of the holiday shopping season. Bargains can be found for the early riser who gets to the big-box stores for the 5 a.m. openings and waits in line with the crowds of other tired and eager shoppers.

Be sure to score the most deals with these Black Friday shopping tips:

Plan Ahead

Like any general preparing for battle, you too must plot out your strategy. Which stores do you want to go to? Think of what items you would like to find. Perhaps you have seen special sale items in circulars that you want to be sure to get. Plan your trip around critical items that are higher priced such as electronics or luxury items. While planning, also think of which stores are nearby and what items you might be able to find there as opposed to traveling to another store or a different mall. The name of the game is organization.

Make a List

Research shows that when a shopper at a grocery store has a list, their shopping experience is more organized and they get what they need. Keep this knowledge in mind and use it to your advantage. Make a list of gifts you want to purchase and a list of gift ideas. Gift ideas will help target your shopping to locating specific items while you are in the store as opposed to getting caught up in the frenzy of being in an excited crowd. Use a list as your tool.

Search for Coupons and Deals

There are some Web sites devoted to Black Friday that can help you find great deals, such as Black Friday Ads ( and Black Friday Info ( Do an online search using the name of the store you're planning on going to and the words coupon or discount. It is also an excellent idea to search your local paper the week before Black Friday for coupons and circulars.

Dress For Comfort

The best way to be comfortable when running in and out of stores and shopping malls is to wear your sneakers and jeans or sweatpants. In cold weather, remember that stores may be heated and that if your car is heated, you will not need to dress in many layers to keep yourself warm. Dressing yourself too warmly will make you uncomfortable. Consider keeping your jacket in the car if you are parking your car in a garage.

Eat for Energy

Now is not the time to just have a coffee for breakfast. If you are shopping on Black Friday, you are going to need protein in your system and you must keep hydrated. Make sure you have a proper breakfast eat something filling, like oatmeal and fruit. Carrying a bottle of water and an energy bar will prevent you from having to stop at the food court.

Go Solo or With a Buddy

Black Friday shopping is easiest if you go without small children or others at your side. If you have a shopping buddy that you can split shopping duties with, then this may work for you. But going solo means you can go in and out of shops as quickly or as slowly as you would like to; you can go into the shops you would like and pass the ones you don't. You don't have to wait for someone else and waiting means you will miss bargains.

Keep Shopping Simple

Black Friday is not the day to get gifts wrapped, or to ask a store clerk a lot of detailed questions about items. If you have questions about an item in advance, check out the item ahead of time. Remember to keep gift receipts in a safe place.

Make your shopping simple and organized and it will be fun! With these Black Friday shopping tips, you'll be sure to get some extra great deals this year. Happy shopping!

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