Weight loss on water fast

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Shrink your waistline with a water fast and reap tremendous benefits
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When done properly weight loss on a water fast can be effective and healthy

Fasting is a powerful thing. When someone decides to fast they are giving up food or something specific for a couple of days. People who fast are often in need of spiritual and mental clarity or renewal, healing or weight loss. There are many types of fasting. Two popular ones would be a juice fast and water fast. When fasting, you are cleansing your body and mind of impurities that have built up over the years.

Spirtual Fasting

While on a spiritual fast, the predominant factor in continuing with the restrictive diet is prayer. Your body is going through a process and there will be many times when you want to give up or give into temptation. For this reason it is always a good idea to constantly remind yourself or keep focused on why you are fasting. A vision board will help in that endeavor. Setting e-mail reminders to put up daily or several times during the day will also help. You may notice things around you seem different, louder, or even cluttered.

Benefits of Water Fasting

According to different medical reports, our bodies are made up of 30 percent water and if we do not drink enough water, the body will dehydrate. While we can argue different medical trends, we can agree that drinking water is good for your health and there are many benefits associated with it.

Falconblanco, a site devoted to natural and holistic health and healing, says water:

-- flushes out our kidneys

-- clears the skin

-- prevents urinary tract infections

-- does not contain calories or fat

-- is an appetite suppressant

It is said you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Many personal trainers suggest you drink half your body weight in ounces a day. How much weight loss on water fast varies from person to person. However, you can lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time just drinking water. Pounds lost can be as much as three to four pounds per day. A slower metabolism means slower results.

Before beginning a water-only fast, spend two to three days beforehand consuming only juices so that your body is not shocked by the change. The length of your fast depends on you. On a water-based fast, the length of the fast should be between one to forty days and you should be consuming 2 liters or more of water a day. After 10 days of being on a water-only fast, you should see the same amount of weight loss as you would on a juice fast.

Once you start your fast, you should not drink water from the faucet. You will want to drink distilled water since it is able to flush large amount of toxins from the body. Reports on Falconblanco state that spring, filtered or distilled water is the best water to drink during a fast.

Get Monitored During a Fast

An important consideration in a water-based fast or any fast is the input and approval of your doctor. Fasting has definite benefits; however, if you have certain medical conditions or medication that must be taken with meals, fasting may be a harmful thing to undertake. If you are someone with a heart condition, hyperglycemia, or schizophrenia you have to be really careful when attempting a fast and get monitored regularly during your fast.

Dizziness and blackouts are also common during this time. Health professionals suggest that if you do feel like you are going to blackout, sit down or go down on one knee and this will help to stop the feeling. During a fast, any kind of heavy work should be avoided. During this time any extra activities, like working out, should be minimal. During a water-only fast, you may feel weak quicker and need to rest more often.

Your Body's Signals

A fast is usually done when the person feel the need to. There are short fast periods and long periods. On the longer period of fasting is when healings and other internal work can begin. As you go through this period of fasting, the first three days are the hardest. During those days you will notice changes in your body. Your breath may start to smell or you may get increased body odor, constant headaches, joint, and muscle aches. This is when you have to hang in there because your body is getting rid of all the bad toxins.

In the ending stages of your fast you may notice more mucus than usual which can leave you open to catching a cold or the flu. Back pain is also a side effect of a fast where only water is consumed. You are feeling pain because of toxins in the lower intestines. The back pain will decrease after the toxins have left the body. Your body will also feel better overall because of how much weight loss on water fast and purging toxins.

Once you are done with your fast, you will want to gradually return to eating food. Your body is very sensitive at this point since it's been cleansing for a while. Begin eating very light foods, broths and soups, Jello and related foods. Light proteins like beans and fish should then be re-introduced. Within seven days you can return to as much of your normal diet as you wish.

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