Mobility lift chairs lift spirits too

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A lift chair provides a boost for anyone who needs a little help getting up
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The mobility offered by lift chairs enables increased independence for many

It’s the little things that count. A look at a sunset, the sound of a songbird, the delicious chill of a dollop of strawberry ice cream sliding down the throat—they all are subtle joys. But joy comes in many forms. Motion is joy. Dance is joy. Movement of all kinds can be joyful. So too is the simple act of successfully getting up from a chair—for people with movement difficulties of any kind.

It’s exciting to find solutions to mobility problems—mobility lift chairs, for instance. The motorized helpers are a solution for many. These inventions, which are hard to tell apart from ordinary arm chairs, have earned high praise for providing the lift that not only lightens the load of one’s body weight but raises one’s spirits, too.

Fatigue gives way to energy. Self confidence is reinforced. It’s amazing the things most people take for granted. Sitting and arising are two of them. And getting up with a little boost or sitting down with security, support and control can mean added independence for anyone that indulges in today’s available mobility products, on a temporary basis or long term.

Who benefits from mobility lift chairs?

Many conditions can impinge upon full freedom of motion. Athletes recovering from knee surgery can get a lift from mobility lift chairs. Folks who have had a recent knee replacement also may need a boost during recovery. Some neck conditions too may be alleviated by removing the strain caused by the ordinary movements made during the act of leaning forward, gripping a chair’s arm rests and pulling oneself out of a traditional chair.

What are some of the attractions?

Anyone sporting a back brace or a bulky cast due to a broken leg can find a little help through using electric-powered mobility lift chairs. Some have two, three or more lift positions and are upholstered in fabric, vinyl or faux suede or leather.  Senior citizens coping with a touch of arthritis, some sort of pesky spine condition or hip issues of any kind, find a lift chair an invaluable asset.

Is there a portable unit?

Those on the go find further comfort by taking along with them their choice of today’s available compact, portable seat lifts—assistive aids that resemble upholstered seat cushions but feature an interior hydraulic mechanism that requires no batteries and has no buttons or levers. Just initiate a motion to get up and feel the gentle upward push as the hydraulic lift built into the portable seat lift kicks into action.

How do caregivers benefit?

Another group of people—caregivers of all sorts—can benefit from mobility lift chairs without ever sitting in any of the available models—two position, three position, infinite position and heavy duty. Many caregivers throughout the course of a day may a dozen times or more need to help someone they are caring for get out of a chair. Back strain in those cases may be avoided when mobility lift chairs are utilized by a caregiver to help the seated person get up. 

Why now? Why wait?

Today, just about everyone is on the go. Surely, there is a sedentary population that copes with various conditions that mandate spending lots of time at home. Thanks to mobility lift chairs, many homebound people of all ages can get up and go from room to room with less stress—and less dependence upon others.

They need not be confined to the living room or the bedroom because it is just too much trouble—or too painful—to struggle out of a chair. They are blessed with the invention of mobility lift chairs. So too, in many circumstances, are their caregivers who avoid back strain when their patients or loved ones avail themselves of mobility lift chairs.

Welcome a little help

A look at the crowd in any shopping mall reveals a cross section of Americans who are active, involved in society and on the move to attain pleasure through all kinds of activities that provide self fulfillment and personal satisfaction. One would be surprised at the number of people who are highly active—once they get out of their chairs. Some even stretch their horizons by using zippy little mobility scooters.

It’s a sure bet that many in this group indulge at home in the use of mobility lift chairs—or portable seat lifts for use away from home when traveling, visiting friends, shopping and more. Some say life isn’t fair. Physical problems of short duration or lengthier stays aggravate most people at one time or another. Thank goodness for little joys—sunsets, bird songs, and an easier get-up out of a chair.

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