Why do people cough?

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Coughing is a great way to clear the airway, and the room
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Reasons behind why do people have a cough largely relate to clearing the airway

The cough—it’s a body function on a mission. The sudden explosion of air detonated from the lungs during a cough serves to clear away material from the airway. It is a protective maneuver. One answer to the question of why do people cough relates to the inhaling of particulates—dust, pollen or bits of food. Inhaled particles will trigger a cough. So, too, will a cough be used to clear away sputum or phlegm—sticky globs of mucus and dead cells cast off by the lungs.

Folks pondering about why do people cough need to explore a psychological reason, too, for some people develop a “nervous” cough that is as unconscious as thumb-twiddling or foot-tapping. Nervous coughers usually are unaware that their coughing is driving listeners absolutely insane. It’s extremely annoying to hear another person cough-cough-cough when no medical reason is apparent. Why do people cough? There are lots of reasons but the nervous cough will cease when the habit is recognized and addressed. Stress and shyness may be blamed for a nervous cough. Why do people cough? In nervous cases, relaxation is needed. Deep breathing may be helpful. Attention to posture—carrying high the head and rib cage—also is sure to reduce nervous coughing. Meditation, soothing music and indulging in the relaxation benefits of tea surely will help eliminate a nervous cough. Other reasons abound that answer the question about why do people cough.

Is a medical condition present?

Many people, from time to time, suffer with respiratory infections—bronchitis, sinusitis and other ailments. The issue of why do people cough could be a medical one. Cancer is a fear but the common, occasional cough can be helped by drinking more fluids, for all the body’s organs operate at peak efficiency when well hydrated. Extra benefits are added when one’s household water is guaranteed to be free of mold, fungus, viruses and other toxins. Why do people cough? A polluted environment could be one cause. An easy way to ensure fresh, clear water is to install in one’s kitchen a countertop water purifier. Some models take up little space and use ecologically advanced filters made of coconut shells. As an added perk, a filter change is an infrequent necessity in today’s modern countertop water purifiers—units that are attractive and efficient.

Is the cause of the cough bacterial or viral?

Other considerations arise when thinking about why do people cough. It’s possible that the airways are irritated. The source of the irritant might be bacterial or viral. Most bacteria thrive in warm, dark places. The lungs provide a fertile nursery for bacteria growth. Another answer to why do people cough relates to viruses that can take hold in the lungs, the throat and the airway. In addition to bacterial and viral attacks, a cough is a way of dealing with allergens. Some people with allergies find relief through using a bed pillow made without feathers. A first step to a night without coughing might be the purchase of a natural buckwheat bed pillow whose composition is pure and organic. 

Is the cough a sign of serious illness?

The American Lung Association long has been an advocate of lung health and the prevention of various lung diseases. A recent report shares some information about the marvelous mechanics of the lungs. Why do people cough becomes an easily answered question when the lungs’ functions are explored. Among the many astounding facts are some measurements—the lungs perform 15 to 20 breaths a minute. That is the equivalent of 20,000 breaths a day. Each conveys oxygen—fuel for cells—into the bloodstream. The informative lung report also notes some warning signs related to why do people cough. The signs indicate the need for medical evaluation.

• Go to a doctor if there is shortness of breath
• Find medical help if there is constant mucus
• Consult a physician if there is wheezing
• Obtain immediate evaluation for chronic chest pain

Some precautions answering why do people cough arise from common sense. Don’t smoke. Stay away from others who are smoking. Cover the mouth in situations that will generate airborne particulates—grass cuttings, sawdust shavings, gardening soil, bird droppings on feeders, etc. Think before you act. And think before you breathe.

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