Ways to display a favorite quote

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Framed quote
Displaying a favorite quote in your office or anywhere in your home can provide you with inspiration every day
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What are your options?

Do you have a favorite quote? Many people do. Often this favorite quote means something to you and inspires you to think in a positive way. It is nice to keep your favorite quote around so that you can see it all the time. There are many ways to display a favorite quote.

Frame It!

Put your favorite quote in a pretty picture frame; hang it on the wall or keep it at your desk. There are many ways that you can make your quote look attractive. Getting someone to write it with calligraphy will make your quote really stand out. You can also use the wide variety of fonts that come on your word processing program. Use a pretty style of paper to make this look unique. Or hand write it on rice paper the texture of the rice paper will make the quote look personable.

Wear It!

This is a fun way to share a quote that you like with others. You can wear the t-shirt or other wearable apparel such as a sweatshirt or long-sleeved t-shirt to the gym or while you're running errands. You will probably find that people will comment on your quote.

Engrave It!

There are many items that you can engrave your quote on. Silver pen cups, platters or picture frames are excellent examples. Some people engrave their favorite quote on a large stone.

Stick It!

Purchase custom-made stickers with your quote on them, and you can add the quote to your letters, envelopes and other items. Put your quote on a bumper sticker and place it on your car to share your favorite quote with everyone.

Stitch It!

Embroider your quote onto a needlepoint pillow or stitch your quote into a quilt. This handmade item is sure to become an heirloom with a personal touch. This is a perfect idea for craft lovers. This also makes a great gift idea if someone you know loves a special quote.

Much of how you display your favorite quote depends on your personal style. What type of object or item would you enjoy or use the most? What colors and textures do you prefer? These are some of the questions to consider when thinking of ways to display a favorite quote.

Remember that a favorite quote does not necessarily have to be from a famous person or a well-known work of art in order for you to find it thought-provoking. It could be something that a college professor once said to you, or something a business colleague or family member is known for saying. Displaying your favorite quote can inspire you every day.

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