Fun Christmas tree themes

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White Christmas trees are a popular theme, especially in places where you won't see snow.
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Create a fun Christmas tree theme that is as unique as your familiy.

Part of the fun of Christmas is all of the preparation and planning especially the decorating! And what could be more important than the design of your Christmas tree?

With so many different ornament styles available, creating a Christmas tree theme is easy. When creating a Christmas tree theme, begin by thinking of your family's personal tastes and hobbies. What activities do you enjoy? Is there an important milestone approaching? These questions will help you get started. Still need help? Check out these themes:

Try Just One Ornament

A great Christmas tree theme can involve selecting one ornament style and then repeating it throughout your tree. Use a variety of Santa Claus or angel ornaments.

Get Crafty

If you love to create, why not make your own Christmas tree ornaments this year? There are many easy-to-make ornament kits sold in craft shops. You can find many Christmas tree ornament crafts online. This theme is also fun for children.

Go To The Beach

A beautiful Christmas tree with a tropical feel can include seashell, starfish and glittering ornaments that remind you of everything you love about the beach. Those celebrating Christmas in warmer climates often enjoy this theme. There are even Santa ornaments that show Santa getting a tan, sitting in a beach chair and sipping a cool drink!

Visit the 1950s

A 1950s tree can be a great idea if you are feeling extra nostalgic this year. You can find lots of fun Elvis and Marilyn Monroe ornaments. Use pink, black and silver ornaments. Look for sports cars and convertibles from that era, or old-fashioned record ornaments. This tree is sure to bring back many memories.

Vintage Ornaments

Many love an old-fashioned tree. Why not cover your Christmas tree with vintage Christmas ornaments that glitter and shine? You can find affordable vintage ornaments in many places, including auction Web sites especially during the off-season when prices will be less expensive.

Fruits and Flowers

Create a tree that reminds you of the beauty of nature. Find ornaments of your favorite fruits and flowers. Use ornaments of fruits and flowers that are known for your region or another state or country. 

No matter which theme you pick, your tree is certain to look lovely. After you are finished with the tree, why stop there? Add some Christmas holiday decor to the rest of your house to compliment your beautiful new tree. May your Christmas season be filled with all the beauty and joy of this special time of year!

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