Luxury Christmas stocking ideas for teens

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Girl with Christmas stocking
Your teen will appreciate a luxury Christmas stocking
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Give your teen an indulgent Christmas stocking.

Doesn't your teen deserve an indulgent Christmas stocking? Prepare to give a great gift by reading about luxury Christmas stocking ideas for teens.

Stocking Preparation. Presentation is as important as the items that are put in the Christmas stocking. Use velvet, silk, or needlepoint stockings. Oversized stockings hold larger items nicely. Gift-wrapping the items in the Christmas stocking will add an extra element of surprise.

Beauty and Spa Products. Both boys and girls will appreciate beauty and spa products. Give a boy fine skin care items or a nice cologne or aftershave. Girls would enjoy a good facial, manicure set, perfume sample or new makeup.   

Electronics. Between MP3 players, cell phones and other gadgets, teens love electronic items. The latest electronic gadgets work well as Christmas stocking items because most of them are small and fit easily into a Christmas stocking.

Gift Cards/Certificates. Teens love doing their own shopping. Purchase a gift card or gift certificate for their favorite store or the local mall.

Gourmet Goodies. Who doesn't have a favorite snack? Give your teen a special treat this Christmas with a gourmet version of their favorite treat. Include some chocolate truffles or chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Jewelry/Watches. Any teenager would love a watch with many gadgets such as a diver's watch that can go into many depths with a light. Buy a teenage girl a delicate gold charm bracelet that allows her to add new charms.

Favorite Indulgences. Every teenager has his or her favorite indulgences. Think of the teenager's hobbies this will point you to where you can purchase a personalized luxury gift.

Use these luxury Christmas stocking ideas for teens and you'll be sure to see plenty of smiles.

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