Sexy Halloween costume ideas

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sexy maid outfit
Go for sexy this Halloween with something to heat up the night
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Trade in scary for sizzling with these sexy Halloween costume ideas

It's Halloween, the season for ghosts, goblins French maids???

It's true!  Over the past few years, the sales of sexy Halloween costumes have skyrocketed, as adults have gotten into the dress-up fun of Halloween.

From a police officer in an oh-so-short skirt, sporting bright and shiny handcuffs to a hardly demure Dorothy, sexy Halloween costumes are flying off the shelves again this year.   And although women are far more likely to choose a sexy Halloween costume, men are starting to get into the act too.

So what are your sexiest choices in Halloween costumes this year?  Here are a few ideas for turning up the heat on Halloween night!  A word of caution, though.  We don't recommend any of these for Halloween dress up day at work!

For women

The all time favorites for sexy Halloween costumes for women continue to be:



-French maids

-police officers

-Playboy bunnies

-school girls

-sexy vampires


But there are lots of other choices in sexy Halloween costumes on the shelves this year.  How about:

-football referees

-Indiana "Jane"

-Dorothy, Alice in Wonderland or Snow White in a very short skirt

-doctors (with a very abbreviated lab coat)






For all of these costumes, stockings, garters and high heels -- really high heels! -- are a must.

Let's not forget the men!

Recently, men have started getting in on the sexy Halloween costume trend, too. It's interesting to note that their costumes aren't nearly as brief as the women's choices. Instead, they opt for tight pants and open shirts.

Among the most popular choices in men's costumes so far this season are:


-Chippendale dancers

-police officers


-Indian Jones

Where to find them

You can buy ready made sexy Halloween costumes at most local party stores or order online.  some adult stores also carry adult-themed Halloween costumes.

You can also create your own sexy Halloween costume by combining short skirts, lingerie and hosiery.  Just add an apron, hat, or heels to complete the look.

Where NOT to wear

And because we care, here are a list of places not to wear your sexy Halloween costumes!


-Picking up kids from school

-The grocery store

-The mall

-While walking along a busy street (you wouldn't want to be responsible for accidents!)

-The cardiac ward of the hospital

Here's to a very hot Halloween! 


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