Choose furniture that fits with what you have

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Update your decor with a new piece of furniture
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Choose new furniture pieces that fit with your lifestyle

At some point in time, youíll need to replace one or more pieces of furniture. To successfully purchase furniture that works with your current decor, there are key tasks to do and thoughts to keep in mind as you shop. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Plan your space and budget

Measure the old and tattered pieces destined for replacement so the new items will fit in the space. Once youíve done that, remove the pieces from the room, if you can. The empty spot gives you a better idea of the space in the room and helps you imagine other styles in their place. If youíre planning on rearranging the other pieces, this is a great time to do so.

When you have your layout the way you want it, mark off where the new furniture will go using tape on the floor. Then, pretend the new pieces are in place and make sure you can easily move around the room. This step is even more important if youíre working with a smaller space and itís easier to adjust now than return later.

Do some online browsing to see the current trends and styles. Your surfing will also help you get an idea of how much cash youíre going to need for purchases. In some cases, you can find the perfect pieces online and then check them out in person at a local store. Knowing what prices are elsewhere, including delivery and installation fees, can help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Go shopping

Plan on going to a few stores and spending time to browse online furniture sites, even if you fall in love with a perfect piece in the first place you shop. Itís better to look at all your options before making a decision.

Reputable salespeople will work with you, showing you other colors and furniture options. They know that the more they provide, the better their relationship with you and the more likely you are to come back for another purchase, even if their prices are a little higher than the competition. Remember to look for styles that accent the pieces you already have Ė you donít want to end up with a sofa that is perfect for a cabin in the woods next to an ultra-modern chrome and glass table. Bring pictures of you room to have a visual reminder and donít hesitate to show the pictures the salesperson for some ideas you may have not considered.

Additionally, remember what it was like to bring the original furniture into your home. Tight corners or awkward flights of stairs might make some furniture impossible to bring into your space. If youíre handy with tools and must have the huge piece that wonít play nice with your entry, consider furniture you assemble yourself. The packages are usually much smaller. But, remember if you purchase assemble-it-yourself furniture, you will probably have to take it apart to move out or if it needs replacing.

Other ideas

If youíre looking to add some pizzazz to your space, this is the perfect time to pick up accent pieces. Throw pillows or area rugs can help transform a space. Pillows can tie different furniture styles together so that they look like a cohesive design. Choose fabrics and designs that suit your lifestyle and dťcor tastes. For instance, if you have children, upholstery that is stain resistant or easily cleaned might be the perfect option for you. New lighting is another option that can change how a room looks. Instead of having lamps that blend into the background, go for styles that are more dominant or highly stylized. If you donít want to replace the entire fixture, purchase new lamp shades. Going from a basic, plain style to one that has color and texture makes an old light look new.

Have some fun picking out your new furniture. Use this opportunity to choose pieces that not only fit with what you have, but also reflect your personality!

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