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Cluttered closet
Cluttered closets just take a little time to organize
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Everyone hates to declutter a closet, but it’s worth the effort

There is no doubt — judging from the multitude of companies specializing in the organization of closets, kitchens, entire homes — that the need exists. However, you can certainly declutter a closet without paying exorbitant fees. Find the time, tell yourself you've got to do this, and get started.

The No. 1 reason why a closet causes so much frustration is because it's too full.

An overstuffed closet is inconvenient. You can't get things out without disturbing other things, you can't find anything, it overflows into the rest of the room, clothes get wrinkled and sometimes damaged from being packed in too tight, and you can't see what you've got when you're trying to find something to wear.

Are you ready to declutter your closet?  If so, here's a step-by-step guide.

1. Keep a trash bag and a give-away box handy. Remember, there are a lot of worthy organizations that can use your discarded clothing and shoes if they are in relatively good condition. (Note:  If you itemize your taxes make sure to get a written receipt.)

2. Take everything out of your closet.

3. Pick up an item, then do something with it: trash it, give it away or keep it. Don't put it back in the pile to "think about later."

4. Check for these likely candidates to help declutter a closet:

  • Worn-out, ripped or stained clothes and shoes (you only need a few for washing the car and gardening!)
  • Clothes now out of fashion
  • Things you wore once and didn't like
  • Items that don't fit (even if you get back to that size, will you still want to wear those clothes?
  • Things that don't go with anything else
  • Items you haven't worn in over a year and are never likely to wear again
  • Non-clothes: where else could miscellaneous items be stored?

Don't Stop Yet

Getting rid of the obvious clutter will likely free up enough space for your shoes and clothes, making you stop there. Don't put your clothes back in the closet just yet. Getting rid of just a few things doesn't solve the long-term problem; it only puts you back where you started within a few months.

Examine your closet to determine the best way to utilize its space. You can declutter a closet by using the space wisely:

  • Increase space for short items by installing double-decker rods in a portion of each closet.
  • Turn the top, catch-all shelf into a series of shelves that extend to the ceiling. This will keep items separated and allow you to retrieve things easily, without pulling a stack of boxes down on your head.
  • Install special modules in a portion of the closet — with slots and shelves for shoes, cubbies or drawers for folded clothes, and built-ins for other special items.
  • Consider wire or wicker baskets that have a labeling system so you can identify contents quickly and easily.

Other Closet Solutions

Economical closet organizer solutions for any size closet can be found online and at your local home building store. This is a great option if you need those extra features. It's very important that you have complete and accurate measurements (don't forget to allow room for the door!) and that you research before you buy.

Finally, determine what works best for you. Good luck.



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