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cat eating house plant
Hanging houseplants high really ruins my day!
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Here are some easy to care for houseplants

Those of you out there in cyber-land who believe their thumbs are black and can never be green again due to the untimely death of many innocent plants, take heed. Plants for the home that simply refuse to die are out there waiting for your home and your formerly lethal touch. Educate yourself about those hardier and more forgiving plant varieties that are recommended for beginner indoor gardeners. Learn about watering, adequate lighting and humidity. Soon, they will return the favor and brighten the windows and corners of your home.

Plants for the home offer an opportunity to care for and nurture a living, breathing thing. (You may not need baby blankets, college funds and pacifiers, but plants will die if ignored.) Houseplants are not only aesthetic presences; they also help keep the indoor environment clean by aiding in the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. They can be thought of as pets, but you won’t need a litter box or late night walks and/or trips to the vet.

What are some of the more resilient varieties of plants for the home?

Consider these plants for the home to start your collection, as they will make you feel green all over with very little work on your part. They are all easy to grow and can generally tolerate erratic watering, bad light, and varying temperatures. They'll thrive in dorm rooms, offices and sometimes even the darkest corners of your soul (also known as your office).

1-Golden pothos vine
This plant grows quickly from pots or trailing baskets and requires very little care. It will root easily from a glass of water. If you give it a bit more attention, the plant may develop large, mottled leaves.

2- Spider plant
Quite beautiful to behold, these plants for the home adjust quickly to changes in water, light and temperature. They grow easily in baskets and over time, a mature spider plant will send out “offsets” that look beautiful as they hang from a place high enough so that your kitty cats can’t reach or chew on them.

3- Snake plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
These plants for the home are exceptionally hardy. They like plenty of light, but can survive with less; they are indifferent to watering unless it is too much. When re-potting is necessary, the main section can be easily divided. These plants are attractive additions to any houseplant collection. One can only speculate why the botanist who named the snake plant also gave it the moniker, “mother-in-law’s tongue.”

4- Dracaena species
There are many varieties of dracaena that make excellent plants for the home. The D. Draco and D. Marginata, for example, are easy to grow and they tolerate a wide variety of conditions. These plants feature arching leaves from a woody stem that can be green, yellow and green, or even tri-colored. Dracaena like to be regularly watered in the summer and almost left dry throughout the winter.

5- Succulents and Cacti
There are dozens of varieties of succulents and desert cacti that make wonderful plants for the home. They are slow growing and will withstand neglect. They do best with bright light, well-drained pots and little water.

So knock yourself out with a new set of plants for the home. Give it the old college try. In the end, plants won’t let you down if you just respect their right to live and thrive in their own special way.

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