How high to hang a flat screen tv on the wall

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flat screen tv mounted
Mount your tv at eye level for maximum comfort
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Here's how high to hang a flat screen tv on the wall for the best viewing

Mounting a television at eye level allows for easy, comfortable viewing. Knowing how high to hang a flat screen tv on the wall is important because watching your favorite shows or movies should be completely relaxing. No neck strain allowed!

Youíll need a few basic tools, a wall mount kit with brackets and at least one buddy to assist with the installation.

Choosing a mount

Television mounts come in different sizes and a range of designs. The main thing to check for is that you buy one made to support the size and weight of your television.   

Before beginning installation, read the instructions that come with the kit and television. Make a small list of the tools and hardware needed and make sure you have anything thatís not included with the kit. Double check this information!

Stylistically, the main thing to decide is whether you want to be able to swivel the set or not. Fixed mounts are not adjustable; they hold it flush to the wall for maximum security. Those with a swivel and tilt position the set further from the wall so you can adjust the angle of the sides or even angle the set up slightly.

Site preparation

Run a cable-wire locator over the wall to be certain the area is safe for cutting and drilling. Decide if you want to run the cords through the wall or down a runner that blends with the wall. As wires arenít the prettiest things to look at, many people prefer to conceal them by running them behind the wall and out at the base of the wall near the outlet. In order to do this, your wall mount kit must be rated for in-wall installation. 

How high should it go?

Determining how high to hang a flat screen tv on the wall isnít as easy is it may seem. One common mistake people make is hanging it too high because they think it looks better. Unless you enjoy looking up constantly, mount the set so the top of the frame is at eye level when youíre sitting.

Some people prefer to have the center of the screen at eye level. Test the comfort of your positioning by taking a piece of cardboard roughly the size of the screen and taping it where the set will be. On average, the center of the screen will sit about 42 inches from the floor.

The location should also be near the power source. Identify studs on the mounting site and mark them with the template included in the kit.


Make pilot holes in the wall with a drill then align the mount with the holes. Attach the wall bracket plate with a wrench using lag screws, bolts and washers, but keep it loose. Once youíre certain the mount is level, tighten the screws securely.

Meanwhile, find the mounting holes on the back of the set and bolt the arms from the kit to it. 

Have your buddy hold the tv while you interlock and bolt the brackets together with a socket wrench. Review the manufacturerís instructions and make sure every connection is tight. While someone else holds the set, give the mount, brackets and set each a tug to double check it feels secure. 

Connect cords from the upper receptacle into the television. Plug the bottom end of the cord into the power outlet. Turn on the set, switch the channels and test to see if it functions correctly.

As long as the area between the center and top of the screen is close to eye level Ė give or take a few inches Ė you and your family will be comfortable. Now that you know how high to hang a flat screen tv on the wall and how to mount it, itís time to figure out what to watch!

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