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Business cards designed with online software are an excellent marketing tool
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Easy ways to create business cards online with special software

During difficult economic times, many people have had to make unanticipated and unexpected changes. What does one do when they suddenly find themselves standing on the unemployment line?


When it is difficult or impossible to find a job that replaces both the salary and the status that people used to have, they often start a business. Many other people are going the freelancing route with no other employees than themselves. They still need items to help promote their services and get work. That is where business cards come into play. 


New business owners, freelancers, consultants and even someone who just wants their own business card with their personal contact information can create free business cards by making a few choices as directed at online printing firms. And though this is rarely the case, yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

Software for creating business cards is available online at online printing companies. Many printing companies provide the online tools to custom design business cards along with a variety of other marketing tools such as letterhead, business letterhead and letterhead design. Small business owners and freelancers can also find postcard mailing, postcard marketing and postcard mailing services online.



Online services combine to make marketing a freelancing or consulting business and services a cinch, and it starts with software for creating business cards.


Career Coach, Carl E. Reid speaks highly of using business cards in his article, "10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards." His first tip is to never leave home without them. You need to be able to take advantage of any meeting, even if you meet someone by chance or totally unrelated to your business. You never know who might know someone who is looking for exactly what you provide, or better yet someone who is in the market for your services themselves!


Software for creating business cards really comes in handy before you get to this chance meeting. You can easily create several hundred cards with the touch of a few buttons and with little costs associated with your creative urges. An online printing company is an excellent tool for the other helpful collateral behind the successful freelancer or consultant. It is not just software for creating business cards, but software for creating letterhead, window decals, even t-shirts and ball caps with your logo emblazoned right across the top (or the side, or wherever you prefer to see it).


Bob Leduc, author of 7 small business marketing tips, suggests you also use your best small ad on a postcard which you then mail out to prospective customers. It is out-of-the-box marketing that is literally out-of-the-box! Open the box of postcards, address them and then pop them in the mail. You will be amazed at the percentage of respondents you will get by simply getting in touch with them.


The first place to start remains a stand-apart business card: an excellent and inexpensive marketing tool. To keep your costs low, using business card software is your best option. In addition to using business card design tools at online printing stores, you can purchase business card software or find free business card software online.


Here are a few resources:


Avery Business Templates

Business Card Studio (at

Business Card Factory (at Staples)

Juicy BC: Design your own business card


Even if a client throws your business card on the ground or leaves it on a table somewhere, someone else is bound to pick it up. And if that someone is a prospective client or knows someone who may be able to use your services or products, then you have got it made.

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