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Homemade stocking stuffers

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Victorian Christmas stocking
Vintage stockings are fun for the holidays
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Saving money with homemade stocking stuffers

“God rest ye merry merchant men," was once the battle cry of satirist, Tom Lehrer, and boy, was he ever right! Surely there is no holiday more commercial than the one facing all of us in just a few weeks. One way to cut costs is to make some of your gifts this year, particularly stocking stuffers. Homemade stocking stuffers send their own unique message and they are in a class by themselves because they are made by hand and with love. Try making some this year and get help with some ideas below.

What kind of gifts make good homemade stocking stuffers?

Homemade stocking stuffers can be made for children and adults alike. Some ideas for children include:

1- Charm bracelets for girls

Cheap bracelets can be made into charms and beads for toes, necks and other body parts clamoring for attention. Plan ahead with these homemade stocking stuffers and collect odds and ends as you find them, such as buttons, single earrings, game pieces, odd pieces of glass. Coordinate the pieces by alternating long and short charms. You can use ribbon if you can’t find bracelets.

2- Paper airplanes for boys

Kids are fascinated by the concept of taking a piece of paper and transforming into an entity that sails through the air. Paper airplanes are one of those homemade stocking stuffers that will keep young boys hooked long after the Christmas ornaments come down and are stuffed back in that old hall closet. Make an A7 Moonraider or FA Thunderhawke for that favored boy on your gift list.

3- Softies for tots

These little stuffed toys just use a bit of felt, fiber-fill and embroidery floss and can be made quickly. Some popular forms include the Ice Cream Sandwich, trees, whales and assorted monsters. You may want to invest in Theresa Laskey’s Softies Kit, which contains instructions for making 15 of these toys. If you have several children on your gift list, this might pay off in the end.

Some homemade stocking stuffers for adults

Gifts for home and hearth as well as those that please the palette make wonderful homemade stocking stuffers for adults. Consider the following:

1- Pot pourri

Plan ahead and collect and save lavender from the summer. Put it in a handkerchief and tie it with a pretty ribbon or cut out simple shapes from some attractive material left over from other projects and sew a little cushion. You can then stuff that with potpourri and decorate it with a ribbon.

2- Foodie Goodies

This is that time of year when waistlines have been known to expand considerably. Help them along with some delicious homemade cookies, fudge or toffee. You can also consider making small bottles of herbal oil or vinegar for those on your list who love to cook. Throughout the year, look for pretty bottles that can be used and stockpile them.

3- Monogrammed items

Take a handkerchief, hand or tea-towel and by using a letter stencil and some washable fabric paint, you can stencil an impressive monogram. Although they may take a little time to execute, these types of homemade stocking stuffers are flourishes that are always appreciated.

Think outside the box and you are sure to come up with some creative ideas for homemade stocking stuffers. Most important:

Have fun with homemade stocking stuffers.

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