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Winter art is fun to create
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Winter art ideas can mean fun for everyone

I donít know about you, but Iím always looking for winter art ideas for my kids, especially when they have been playing outside in the snow and are ready to plop in front of the TV. The next time you want to keep them from numbing their minds with yet another TV movie or mindless cartoon (though TV has its place) try an art project.


Needlecrafts of various difficulty levels are perfect projects for winter. Both beginners and advanced stitchers enjoy needlecrafts, and there are projects for all ages. For many people addicted to needlecrafts, browsing a needlework store or online is the best place to go for counted cross stitch, needlepoint and knitting ideas.

By learning to cross stitch, for example, children learn patience and project planning in addition to the obvious coordination skills. If you are an adult, it is never too late to learn. I put knitting on my bucket list and after getting the opportunity to learn from a wise lifelong knitter, I have created wearable products and cozy blankets that are well loved and were wonderful to create. This is one of those winter art ideas that not only keeps you warm and toasty as you work on it, but also leaves you with a project that will be loved for years.

Snow Painting

A fun way to use that white stuff that often accumulates in the colder winter climates is to color it. Thatís right! One of the top winter art projects is painting snow. We get food coloring, put it into a spray bottle and spray out ďWelcome HomeĒ to our loved ones when they return home and the snow is piled high. Try painting cheeks or a face on your snowman instead of using carrots or coal for the face. And you donít have to paint words. Paint pictures of the sunny sky you wish you were looking at.

Bring the outdoors inside

Warm your house with decorations from outside. This may involve a brisk hike in the woods or simply a walk in your backyard or down the street.

Gather branches and sticks and bring them inside, making sure they are clean with no little critters clinging to them. Arrange them in a simple criss-cross pattern to make a kind of arch using floral wire to secure them. To further secure them, dot a heavy amount of flue in the middle so they stay nice and secure. This is best done one at a time since the sticks and branches tend to roll around while youíre working with them. Add dried flowers, plastic fruits and whatever accessories you prefer, even buttons work. When you are finished, use the floral wire to fashion a simple hook and hang above a fireplace, a window or just on the wall where you can admire your handiwork.

Arts and Crafts Stores

Hit your local arts and crafts store for winter art ideas. The dead of winter is one of their busiest times. As a result, they are full of ideas for those of us stuck indoors in fear of sliding on the icy sidewalk and right on our bums! Make and take projects, or projects you can make at the store and take away with you when you leave, are often available at the store. This gives the store the opportunity to demonstrate their products and gives you a chance to see if you might like the craft or product they are selling.

It is said that art is in the eye of the beholder, so try out different winter art ideas and see what strikes your fancy.

I once attended an ornament-making party that changed each year. One year we covered wooden shapes with seeds and beans. Another year, we painted glass ornaments for our trees. Stitch, paint, even cooking can be a form of art if you take the time to be creative. You may find a new hobby as you explore different winter art ideas as you wait for beach weather to return. 

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