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How to avoid alcohol

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College students often feel pressure to drink
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Knowing how to avoid alcohol can keep you safe, healthy and happy

College is known for its all nighters, for both studying and partying. While studying into the wee hours of the morning is beneficial, partying is not. Some college students feel pressured into drinking when they don't want to. When you know how to avoid alcohol, however, you can stay true to your ideals while still enjoying college.

Volunteer as the Designated Driver

One of the highlights of going to college is the parties, but if you don't drink, experiencing them is out of the question, right? Not necessarily. One way to not drink but still have fun with your friends is to serve as the designated driver.

Sitting in your comfortable car seat knowing that you are able to get you and your friends home safely is not only responsible, but satisfying, as well. You won't have to worry about them getting into an accident because of drunk driving, nor will you have to wonder if they will go to jail for driving under the influence. Getting them and you home safe can help you enjoy the experience that much more.

Volunteering to serve as the designated driver allows you to still have fun with your friends and enjoy the party atmosphere. If people ask you if you want to drink, all you have to do is tell them you are the designated driver and they will usually back off. You don't have to deal with being pressured when you are the "DD."

Additionally, your friends will probably feel very grateful towards you because they can still drink and know they will get home safely.

Remove Yourself From the Situation

If you are trying to prevent yourself from drinking, sometimes removing yourself from the situation is the best solution. Being around alcohol is often too tempting for some, and they can't resist drinking.

Not being around alcoholic beverages while in college may seem like an impossible task, but you can do it. Many colleges feature clubs and events in which drinking is not tolerated. Being around other people who share the same ideals that you do allows you to enjoy yourself and not feel pressured to drink.

You could also get non-drinking friends together and participate in activities together while parties are occurring. Getting off of campus and going out for a nice dinner or seeing a movie allows you to have fun and resist the temptation of drinking. Or you could create a sporting event to get away from the partying.

Hosting a weekly baseball game or other type of sporting activity allows you to get friends together and have a fun time while not drinking.

Students can still enjoy themselves and the college experience without bringing alcohol into the equation. The key is to simply find fun alternatives that are not only stimulating, but involve friends, too.

Get Off of Campus

Dorm life is certainly exciting, but it can seem like someone is throwing a bash almost every night. Not only can this make studying and getting sleep difficult, but it can also make abstaining from drinking nearly impossible.

If you simply can't tolerate being in a party environment, moving off-campus is an option. Moving back in with your parents and commuting to school may not seem ideal, but it can save you money by not paying room and board and keep you away from drinking.

Renting an apartment, condo or house off-campus is also a way to go to college without living there. What's more, students often find this situation more enjoyable, as the living spaces are often larger than what is found on campus, and they get more privacy.

Learning how to avoid alcohol can keep you out of trouble and allow you to stay healthier in the long run. Doing so when in college may seem tricky, but it can be done and you can still enjoy your higher learning experience.


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