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How to host a Christmas tree trimming party

By Jean Sanders
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decorated christmas tree
Decorating your Christmas tree together is a lovely way to celebrate the season.
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A Christmas Tree Trimming Party Is Fun For Everyone!

A great way to celebrate the season is to hold a Christmas tree trimming party. Wouldn't it be fun to gather your family and friends to decorate your Christmas tree with all of the perfect Christmas tree trimmings? This is a great family party, perfect for adults and children alike. Everyone will have fun putting Christmas tree trimmings on the Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree trimming party is a great "open house" style of party to hold where you invite people you know from the neighborhood, friends from church, your family and friends, and just about everybody else. This is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Christmas tree trimming parties are very classic and a bit old fashioned. Once you have a Christmas tree trimming party, you are sure to want to make it a tradition in your home.

When you send out invitations, mention to people that it is a Christmas tree trimming party, that people are invited to come trim the Christmas tree (put on ornaments and decorate). Also mention that they are invited for whatever food and drinks you are serving. The typical Christmas tree trimming party serves snacks and hot chocolate, something like h'ors d'oeuvres with a Christmassy feel to them. But with your family needs, you may decide to do this party as a luncheon or a dinner, so mention this in the invitation.

It is best to put your Christmas tree in its stand, and put the lights on it as well. While putting the Christmas tree lights on is part of decorating it, most of us can agree that getting the lights untangled and then finally on the tree can be kind of frustrating – and certainly isn't much fun to have at a party. A real Christmas tree trimming party involves putting on the Christmas tree trimmings – such as the ornaments, tinsel and the tree topper – which is usually a star or an angel.

Make sure that your ornaments are well organized for people to easily reach. A great idea is to put out a box or two of wooden or fabric ornaments – that is, ornaments that are not delicate. These are great ornaments for little ones to hang on the Christmas tree. Let the adults hang the delicate ornaments that have been in your family for generations. While ornament boxes are not really pretty party decor – they are probably the very best thing to keep your ornaments in before they wind up on the tree. If your boxes are really banged up, consider getting new boxes or containers. There are so many stores that now sell great Christmas tree ornament boxes or organizers.

Let adults and children help put ornaments on the tree in a casual relaxed way. Just have people feel comfortable selecting whatever ornaments they would like to put on the tree and do this for as long as they please. Some of your friends or family members may get really enthusiastic, those who love decorating, and they may hang lots and lots of ornaments. Others may hang only one or two ornaments. Let people decide just how much they are going to do.

Another great thing for people to hang on your tree is candy canes. This is a lot of fun for children. Have a bunch of candy canes in a large wide mouthed glass for them to pick up. They will have a great time hanging these on your tree.

While your guests have been invited to put ornaments on the tree, they are also there to relax and have something to eat and something to drink. A great tip is to serve bite sized foods that are not sticky and do not have sauces of any type. Veggies or fruit with dip are a great choice. Christmas cookies are an excellent choice. Children and adults will love hot chocolate complete with whipped cream. You can make little versions of sandwiches by cutting them into triangles. Cupcakes can also be a great choice.

Remember that no party is complete without music. Play some Christmas music – you can play classic Christmas carols, or whatever Christmas music suits your style. I have seen Christmas reggae music, Christmas jazz music, Christmas classical music – there is sure to be something out there that will appeal to your crowd at a Christmas tree trimming party!

Once the tree is completely decorated with ornaments, it is time to add tinsel if you would like tinsel on your tree. Remember to add a tree skirt to your Christmas tree. If you do not have a formal tree skirt, you can use an old tablecloth – a red or green tablecloth will work just fine. Ask a tall person to put the star or angel topper on the top of the tree.

A Christmas tree trimming party can be lots of fun. Remember to take lots of pictures, and send your friends and family copies of the photographs. This is sure to be a new tradition for your family, something that you will continue for a very long time at the holiday season!

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