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Super Bowl party ideas

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Make this year's Super Bowl party something special for everyone
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Have fun during the big game with these Super Bowl party ideas

The Super Bowl is a great excuse for a party.  The game, the fans – and of course the food – all come together to make for a memorable celebration.  Make this year's Super Bowl party extra special with these fun Super Bowl party ideas.

Go all out to cheer your team to victory.  Use team caps, plush toys and collectibles as part of the decorations.  The national party supply chain stores usually carry paper goods featuring team logos.  Some of the larger sporting goods stores also carry party goods, especially around Super Bowl season.

Start with the team colors and mascots

Even if your team didn't make the Super Bowl this year, you can still celebrate the teams who will play in the big game.  Streamers, balloons, paper goods and table cloths can set the mood for the big game.  Choose paper goods featuring the team mascot, or just select solid plates, cups and napkins in the team colors.

See what they know

From player statistics to winning (and losing) seasons, there are lots of facts fans would love to know.  Let your guests test their knowledge in a fast paced pre-game version of football or Super Bowl Jeopardy™.   Or give everyone a list of questions and offer a small football-themed prize for the winner.  

Set up a low stakes football pool

Before the game, have everyone make their best guess about the final score.  Limit "betting" to a small amount, like  $5 or $10.  When the game is over, the person closest to the final score wins half of the proceeds. The rest goes directly to a charity of the winner's choice.

Let the menu match the team

If your team is playing, select foods from the team city.  For the Bears, that could be deep dish pizza or barbeque ribs.  For the Dolphins, consider coconut shrimp and Key Lime pie.  If your team isn't in the game, make foods that represent both teams, and let your guests enjoy the best of two cities.

Get the kids involved

Small children will have a good time if there are activities especially for them.  From puzzles and coloring pages featuring team logos and mascots, to a quick game of catch with a logo football during halftime, make sure the kids feel like a part of the party.

Remember those who don't like football

In every football party, there are bound to be some people who just don't like the game.  They come along to keep their partner company, but football is just not their idea of a fun way to spend a Sunday.  Offer a second activity in another room, like scrapbooking, a great movie on a big screen TV or a board game party.  Make sure the non-fans are also provided with delicious snacks and colorful decorations.  Two parties are even better than one!

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