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Transform your magic show with magic words

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Magicians started using 'Abracadabra' and other magical words and incantations to make audiences believe that they had actual supernatural powers
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Use a few simple magic words to make your show more mysterious.

Magic words add flair to a magic performance. With a few simple magic words you can transform yourself from a regular person into a true magician. Throw on a cape and top hat, toss out a few magic words, and people will believe you're a real magician.


Why Magic Words Exist


During the second century it was a common belief that certain words were actually magic. The word 'Abracadabra' was believed to cure fatal illnesses. People would even wear an 'Abracadabra' necklace to ward off evil spirits. Sometimes, the magic words that were used to ward off evil spirits actually seemed to work in the eyes of witnesses. That's why the use of magical words persevered throughout the centuries.

Magicians started using 'Abracadabra' and other magical words and incantations to make audiences believe that they had actual supernatural powers.

Do Magicians Still Use Magic Words?


As you have watched magicians on television or in person, you may have noticed that many of them don't use magic words. They simply perform the tricks. Some contemporary magicians don't use magic words. They think the tricks speak for themselves. Since there isn't much belief any more that incantations make the magic trick real, many magicians no longer bother with them, but using magic words can make make your show more mysterious - and much more entertaining.


Magicians use magic words to alert the audience to the punch line of the trick. You may want to use theatrical terms like 'Abracadabra!' 'Alakazam!' and 'Presto Chango!' Some magicians prefer to use more common terms, such as 'Ta Da!' and 'Are you ready?' Or you may come up with your own magic words.


Get the Audience Involved


You can use a special word in your show and ask the audience to participate by saying the word with you. For instance, just before the finale of a trick you might ask "Are you ready?" and then announce "Ta da!" as you present the trick's outcome. Repeat this with multiple tricks until the audience gets the hint that you want them to cry out "Ta da!" with you. Magicians especially like to do this when performing for children, often telling them the rules of the magic words at the very beginning of the show. This gets the kids involved and also has them anticipating the outcome of each trick.


When Should You Use Magic Words?


Using magic words in your act is, of course, completely up to you. You may decide that using a magic word doesn't fit the type of tricks you're performing - on the other hand, they might be exactly what you need. Only you can make that decision. If you do decide to incorporate them, know when to say them. Timing is everything. If you say a magic word too early or late, it may not make sense and might seem forced. If you use magic words with a trick that doesn't need one, it might seem awkward. Knowing the right time and place for your magic words will ensure that your show flows well.

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