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How to get the best prices on contacts

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Save big money on quality contacts
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The best prices on contacts are easy to find with these money saving tips

Wearing contact lenses is incredibly freeing for many people. They can improve your overall vision and feel more natural than looking at the world through frames. The drawback is that they often come at a high cost or are bundled in confusing package deals that make them seem more expensive than they are.

While most opticians also sell eyewear and lenses, there are other options. If you want to get the best prices on contacts, it’s time to shop around. The first thing to do is ask your optician for a copy of the contacts prescription. They’re required to provide the information by law whether you purchase eyewear from them or not.

Savvy shoppers know there’s rarely one best place to always find the lowest price on particular items. Finding deals takes some research, but saving money is worth the effort. Besides, the internet makes it easy to compare prices and find reviews on different brands. 

You may want the full package

New wearers need a full evaluation and must have their eyes fitted by a specialist. Though sometimes harder to find, there are plenty of great deals in physical stores, too. While contacts are sold as separate products, they’re often included in package deals with additional products and services or an eye exam.

If you’re new to the world of contacts, consider this option as you may need a new prescription in a few months. People with special prescriptions for, say, an irregular astigmatism, often need custom-made lenses and only an eye care professional can provide those. When you buy from a single source that offers great service on top of good prices and appreciates your business, chances are high you’ll be a happy customer. 

Value matters

Remember to consider the value before your make a purchase. Sometimes it’s easy to get excited about an unbelievably low price tag only to realize later that it wasn’t the best deal on the table. Compare exactly what it is you’d get for your money.

If you’re buying disposables, look for bulk offers to find the lowest unit price. Spending a little more now beats paying top price every few weeks. You’ll thank yourself for having a steady supply and won’t need to do much research when you run low if you’re happy with the seller. Also learn how to properly care for contacts so the ones you have last longer.

The best prices on contacts also depend on insurance. Vision coverage may only cover lenses bought from specific sellers or a general percentage of about 15% the cost. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research options as often better deals are available. It’s good to keep insurance in mind for reference.

Large stores

Optical retailers like Pearle Vision and Lens Crafters have locations all over the county. They often include exams, fittings and a discount on a year’s supply of lenses. Check local circulars for additional sales at select locations.

Since larger chains do high volume, you'll be happy to find competitive prices. Lenses are rarely out of stock so you can walk out of the store with contacts in hand – no waiting and no shipping cost. Other shops to consider are the big box stores like Costco and Target. Many have optical sections with the same discounts available.
Remember, you’ll get the best prices on contacts by acting when you find a great deal. Prices fluctuate as sales end and demand increases periodically. Don’t wait a week to make the purchase! 

Always ask multiple locations for price quotes, check on the cost of replacement lenses upfront and ask about rebates. If the store doesn’t offer a rebate, check with the manufacturer and factor the rebate into the cost if one is available.

With a little research and math you’ll have no problem finding the contacts you need at a fantastic price. 

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