Why cat won't use litter box

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cat in litter box
Your cat may refuse to use the box for a variety of reasons
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Know why a cat won't use litter box for going to the bathroom

You don't ask much from your pets, so when they decide not to do what you want, it is often upsetting. Such is the case when your kitty decides to go to the bathroom on the floor. Instead of getting mad and thinking of finding it a new home, investigate the reasons why a cat won't use  litter box, kitty pan or designated toilet area.

The Pan

Your kitty's aversion to using the pan could be something simple, like not liking the potty you picked out. Sure, choosing a pan that looks like a piece of furniture or something decorative in your home may suit you, but it might not work for your four-legged friend. The piece might be too big or intimidating, which can cause kitty to look elsewhere to relieve itself. However, if your kitty agrees, the pan can really make your home look better.

The same thing goes for hooded pans; although they may work for you, your feline might not be a big fan. The hood can scare the kitty or even cause it to sneeze, because of the dust that is brought up while scratching.

If your kitty doesn't feel comfortable with the receptacle, it may decide not to use the pan anymore. You might find yourself cleaning up waste on your floors instead. If this is the case, go for a low-sided litter pan that is open on top and easy to get in and out of. Felines often respond well to this type of potty, which may prevent the animal from going on the floor.

A Painful Past

Felines experience urinary issues quite commonly. Oftentimes these issues can become painful. If kitty tries to urinate in the box and experiences pain, it will probably remember that pain the next time a trip to potty is taken. After a few episodes, kitty may associate the pain with the pan and refuse to go there, even if the problem has resolved itself.

If this is the case, you may need to move the box or change the type you use. With this change of scenery, your kitty might go back to using the pan again. However, it may take some time and you'll have to be patient while your feline tries to feel comfortable again.

A Medical Condition

If you've ever had a urinary tract infection, you likely know that when you've got to "go," you've really got to "go." When your furry friend has the same affliction, it can have trouble making it to the potty, and may go on your floor.

Other medical problems, such as diabetes and kidney issues, can make your kitty lose control of its bladder, as well. If you feel this is the case, you'll need to take your feline to the veterinarian for an examination. The doctor can run tests to determine if there is something wrong, then devise a treatment plan to get kitty feeling better again.

When your feline is healthy again, it may go back to using the pan. However, the cat could associate the pain with the potty, and you'll have to move or change the pans. Just be patient and realize it's not the kitty's fault.

A Bad Habit

Felines are all about their smells. These scents let them know where they've been and who has also been there. The same thing goes for urine. If your kitty peed on the floor and smells that it has been there, it will probably relieve itself in the same spot. Similarly, if your feline detects another kitty's urine scent on the floor, it may go there, as well.

Unfortunately, going outside the box because of a behavioral issue is often the most difficult reason to resolve. However, you can increase your chances by using a proper pet odor cleaner. Using your regular household disinfectant to clean up the mess just won't cut it; those odors run deep and even if you can't smell them, kitty probably can.

Instead, you'll need a cleaner that contains special enzymes that neutralize the scent. Once that odor is gone, your feline may stop relieving itself there.

Solving the mystery of why cat won't use litter box is often a matter of trial and error, but with patience and time, it is usually done.


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