Springtime love is wild

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penguin mates
Penguins are known to mate for life but springtime love rituals among humans can be slam bang or long lasting.
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During springtime a love fest is natural

Isn’t that cute? The first warm day of spring motivates all kinds of lovers to get crazy. Male sparrows hop around twittering and pleading. Pigeons do an intricate dance of circles and dips, accompanied by the fanning of their tail feathers.

Peacocks are even more adept at springtime love and at boasting about their macho bird-hood. The explosive display among male peacocks of their brilliant plumage is a signal that’s hard to ignore, whether observed by female hens or by humans whose awe is unabashed.

Jungle love is wild

The world of nature is rife with displays of attraction that initiate springtime love. Penguins mate for life. So, too, do wolves. But there sometimes is a hefty price to be paid. Some spiders, for instance, will devour their mates after a bout of hanky panky.

Scientific explanations reveal no malice between female spiders and their lightweight mates. Indeed, it is size that seems to assign the kiss of death to diminutive male spiders, for a small spider mate is easy to catch and—nothing personal—treat as an impromptu springtime love snack.

Folks who enjoy studying nature with simple tools such as binoculars and field guides find springtime love abounds among nature’s smallest and largest citizens—from insects to elephants. Every living thing has some kind of mating ritual that in many cases can be paralleled with springtime love rituals found among human communities.

Humans also exhibit symptoms

The human animal is another story. A human being prefers to express springtime love with a series of steps that lead to coital bliss. Conversation and flirting are followed by courtship and mating—unless one follows the path of Chimpanzees who can mate more than 20 times in an hour. The proverbial one-night stand may offer parallels to the monkey business but little long-term joy.

People undergo physiological changes when aroused. A springtime love—or an anytime love—may be recognized as such because the pupils in the eyes of the smitten dilate when looking upon their beloved.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) pulse rates surge when lovers encounter each other. Circulation increases to ready the nether regions for unity. Body odors tinged with pheromones—springtime love hormones of a sort—draw the inquisitive like bees to nectar. The phenomenon may explain the efficacy of aromatherapy treatments and scented massage oils used by couples.

Trivia can be tantalizing

Trivia contests inevitably repeat some little known facts about springtime love and its ramifications for human beings. Score two points for knowing that a majority of men in their early 70s are still quite potent. Rack up another point for proclaiming that when it comes to women in their 80s, nearly a third indulge in regular relations.

Recreation and luxury cruises may suffice as friendly foreplay for men and women alike but springtime love can be a heady boost to an already healthy libido. Statistics come from other sources, too. A couple of major men’s magazines known for relating the ins and outs of springtime love—and generic lust—related some time ago a handful of interesting conclusions.

• Insufficient sex is a complaint of more women than men
• Nearly 50 percent of females report enjoying dream sex
• More women than men engage in “dirty” talk during sex

Color plays a part

The psychology of color comes into play when explanations of springtime love need to be made. Some hues such as orange and red are stimulating to the brain. More placid hues such as light blue and pink tend to cause a feeling of relaxation.

Men wearing designer shirts in sophisticated colors well may intrigue today’s women—if the shades are appealing on a subliminal level. Likewise, women who take the time to ascertain the colors that look best on them will select sensuous lingerie, dressy apparel and casual clothing styles that are pleasing to their men. Springtime love needs little help when the stage is set for romance.

Emotions matter most

It is of little consequence whether springtime love evolves into a lifetime of togetherness. Many couples will find love more than once over the years. There are increasing acknowledgements that physical, mental and emotional components are a part of a healthy love life. The best of all worlds is a blend of that titanic trio.

Personality means a lot in discovering springtime love. Be yourself. Smile. Look at people as they pass by on their daily journeys. Nature performs the rituals called for to ensure reproduction. But humans have self-governing instincts that enable them to stand back and weigh options and decide what is in their best interests. Stop, look and listen for clues indicating a springtime love. Then, shake a tail feather, baby.

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