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Quick cleaning tips will get your home party-ready in a flash

Cleaning is a fact of adult life, but it doesn’t have to take hours every week. Whether it’s a gorgeous day and you’d rather have your feet up with a glass of lemonade in hand, or you’re just tired and have about twenty minutes to clean before friends realize your talent for carpeting the floor in magazines and clothing, you’re only a few quick cleaning tips away from presentable.


The real trick to turning out a clean-looking home in a flash is to keep a few home organizers on hand for excess clutter. Rolling carts work great for displaying produce and breads, or to hide away piles of odds and ends.

First you must prioritize. If it’s company you’re cleaning for, focus on the rooms they’ll be in most. The bathroom, kitchen and living areas tend to gather the most clutter anyway so let’s start there:


  • Use a sponge or damp cloth to brush off crumbs from the counters and table. Spray down the surfaces with an all purpose cleaner and let it sit for 5 minutes while you clean any dishes and wipe down the sink. 
  • Go over the floor once with a broom, and use the cloth to wipe off any recent spills (mopping can wait). 
  • Straighten any canisters or rows of mugs that show, and neatly fold dish towels. These little touches make the difference between messy and neat. 


  • Wipe down the sink and faucet with a surface wipe and the mirror with a glass cleaner like Windex. Use the same cloth to go over the toilet seat and lid. 
  • Brush the inside of the toilet bowl, and close the lid. 
  • Use a sponge or squeegee to wipe the shower doors (use a shower mist for curtains), then pull it closed. 
  • Sweep the bathroom floor, especially if the cat box is in there or you have daughters with an assortment of hair ties and pins.  

Living Room

  • Clear off the coffee table and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Transfer any magazines, mail or other papers to a rolling magazine table or other out-of-the-way shelf. 
  • Brush off any crumbs from the couch and go over the floor once with the vacuum. 
  • Move big clutter like craft supplies or video games into a bin in a closet. 
  • Straighten the couch cushions and set out coasters.  


  • Gather stray clothes and put them in the hamper or laundry room. Put away clean clothes! 
  • Make the bed. Nothing fancy, just pull up the sheets. The one time you skip this is the one time someone will decide to store coats there.
  • Clean off or straighten the nightstand. Put jewelry away, but don’t worry about the book or alarm clock. Those things belong there.  

Quick Cleaning Tips Bonus Round

These little nuggets will help you across the board, and keep you focused when there’s only 5 minutes left to party time or spring cleaning season is just about over.

  • Run an air purifier for your entire house. This will cut down on both dust and airborne allergens.
  • Set a timer. This is not the time to tackle that spot on the floor that won’t go away. Put a rug over it, and set the timer for 10 minutes less than you think you have. 
  • Empty all the trash cans and take out the bag so everything feels fresh. 
  • Light a candle or clip a few fresh flowers. A simple, pretty decoration is a convenient distraction from any rogue clutter. 
  • Keep rubber gloves, sprays and other cleaning supplies together in a bucket so everything you need to for speed-tidying is within reach.  

The bargain with quick cleaning tips is that your home will get a proper cleaning when there’s time in the near future. Quickie’s are for guests or to make a space look nicer after a hard week. Sometimes there are more important things to do than scrub the tub, like breaking bread with loved ones.


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