What are cloud computing benefits?

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To the cloud!
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Many business leaders are wondering what are cloud computing benefits

Cloud computing is the future. There are no two ways about it, but is it right for you or your company? To answer that question, you need to know some cloud computing benefits to the employee as well as the business owner. There are several and they may just balance out the risks.


Work from home

This is an obvious benefit for some employees. You can log on to your company's website, or one of the many sites that provide remote computing capabilities, and from home or anywhere that provides mobile wireless broadband, such as your local Starbuck's. If you can manage being productive without the boss looking over your shoulder, this may be a good option for you as an employee.


From the company's perspective, you do not take up space that has to be paid for. Electricity, computer wear and tear, even the communal coffee you drink - the company does not have to foot the bill for these and other items common to a day of work in the office.


No 9-to-5

One of the most popular cloud computing benefits is the ability to work not only anywhere, but at any time. For example, you get a call from your children's school saying he is ill and needs you to pick him up immediately. If you are at the office, your day is effectively over since your work is all on a certain pc or in your office.



In the cloud, you can go pick up your child, settle him in with a Disney movie and a cup of ginger ale, then get back to work. You can also work in the evening to make up the time or complete your project. This is one of the benefits employees really want.


Parents who have flexibility to care for their children while also working are the most loyal employees. They tend to stay with the company that looks out for them, so you end up saving money on training and H.R. costs.


More storage space

Remember when there were entire floors full of computers with servers whose reels needed to be monitored and changed regularly?


One of the more helpful cloud computing benefits is the storage space. It is virtually (literally) unlimited. There is a ticker at the bottom of Google's Gmail page telling you how much storage remains on your account. Currently over 7K, it is increasing every day. You can also use private companies for your cloud computing. They charge incrementally, but save money as mentioned above.


No IT Department

This is bad news for the IT guys, but if you compute in the cloud, you do not need to call the "computer guy" all the time. How does cloud computing work? 


What would be stored on your hard drive on your pc is out on the cloud which takes advantage of the collective resources of many web-based applications. Suffice to say you do not need to be sitting at a particular desktop computer or laptop running off a particular server to utilize your company files. The problem is that cloud computing benefits do not benefit the IT Department, but the computer guy will always be needed one way or another.


Cloud computing would have sounded like science fiction thirty years ago, but now it is the way many people work.


Granted there are many security issues surrounding cloud computing, but that is where the computer guys from the IT Departments come in. By coming up with computer code that foil the hackers, they are working to make cloud computer safer in the future.


For now, it is your choice what to work on in the cloud. It can save your company serious money while allowing you the freedom to work from wherever you drink that next cup of coffee.

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