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Guys can be sure that prom night will be fun and memorable if they keep in mind some solid advice.
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Some prom hints and tips for guys may be quickly rewarded by the girls

Hear ye. Hear ye. Thou shall not slap bootie. Grandma always could give—in very few words—some very potent prom tips for guys. She was a wise woman who knew how a man should treat a lady. And when the lady is a guy’s prom date, the advice is much more important.

Despite the illusions created by Hollywood that indicate today’s dating scene is one wild whirl of casual encounters and not-so-meaningful relationships, a prom is a special occasion. It can be the most memorable of all dates.

In fact, a couple’s official photo from the prom is one that sometimes is squirreled away with other treasures long after the relationship has ended. A prom calls for planning, preparation, purchases—and a modicum of respect, especially when it comes to bootie slapping.

Planning ahead

Prom tips for guys include some hints about planning ahead. What’s the weather forecast? How is the couple getting to the prom? What family member or friend can be relied upon to be called in the event of an emergency? Doing things on the spur of the moment sometimes is fun. But being unprepared is not an option on prom night when missy is decked out in a sparkling tiara and a stylish gown fit for a queen—a prom queen.

Looking the part

Don't wait until it's time to get dressed for the big night to make sure your best suit or rented tux actually fits you! You do NOT want a situation where you have to go to the prom in waders or need to hold your pants closed with a safety pin.  Try it all on, from shirt and tie to shoes to make sure it all works, then set hang it up in the closet to keep the cat and dog from using it as a nap spot. (Pets are cool. Pet hair on your prom tux is not!) 

Weathering the storm

Many a couple can vouch that nothing spoils a prom faster than getting a prom dress or the latest men’s fashions caught in the rain. 

Prom tips for guys include recommendations about making sure a flash light, a roomy umbrella and a small mirror are close at hand. Consider, too, a quartet of humble plastic bags that will be saviors to a couple’s prom shoes in case slogging through puddles becomes a part of the grand entrance to the venue.

Preventing breakdowns

A guy taking his girl to the prom in a car has some additional concerns—mechanical difficulties could arise. Valuable suggestions must include cautions to check out that vehicle, long before leaving for the prom. Before the big day, spend a few minutes and check to ensure there is sufficient gas, oil and windshield washer fluid in the reservoir. Oh, and make sure the spare isn't flat! 

Testing the air

Pull up to the air pump and check the tire pressure with a reliable tire gauge, not an eyeball. Inspect the treads to make sure no nails or chunks of glass are embedded in the grooves of the rubber. If you do find a nail, do not remove it. Instead, alert a service attendant who can properly remove the wheel, plug the punctured tire and remount it in time for the dance.

Risking bodily harm

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