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Knowing time zones really comes in handy
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Find time zones from anywhere in the United States with this easy guide

Ever want to call that family member that lives across the country but avoid doing so because you haven't a clue what time zone that relative lives in? After all, no one wants to wake someone up at 6 am. Fret not, because finding time zones is actually really simple - just grab a map for geographical aid!

Starting east and moving west, here's where to find time zones:

Eastern Time

Starting with the easternmost states, this time zone runs west and stops at the following general locations: northwest Florida, the western border of Georgia, east Tennessee, central Kentucky, the northwest and southwest points of Indiana, and western bits of the Great Lakes.

For those who are still unsure, here are some major cities that are located in the Eastern time zone: Miami, New York City, Providence, Charleston, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Cincinnati.

Central Time

Beginning at the above stopping locations and heading west, here are locations the Central time zone runs up to: the westernmost tip of Texas below New Mexico, the western border of Oklahoma, most of Kansas (with the exception of a small portion to the very west), central Nebraska, central South Dakota, and southwest North Dakota.

Some cities in this time zone are New Orleans, Springfield, Memphis, Mobile, and Houston. The time in this zone is one hour earlier than eastern time.

Mountain Time

Mountain time ends at these following locations: the western borders of Arizona and Utah, the northwest border of Montana, central Idaho (going North), and a piece of eastern Oregon.

Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Boise are some cities located in the Mountain time zone. The time in this zone is one hour earlier than central time and two hours earlier than eastern time.

Pacific Time

This time zone ends at the western borders of California (islands off the southwest coast are included), Oregon, and Washington.

Cities that are part of this time zone include Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. The time in this zone is one hour earlier than mountain time, two hours earlier than central time, and three hours earlier than eastern time.

Alaskan Time

This time zone takes up the entirety of Alaska. Time is one hour earlier than Pacific time, two hours earlier than mountain time, and so on.

Hawaiian Time

This is the time zone for Hawaii, and it is two hours earlier than it is in the Alaskan time zone, meaning it is three hours earlier than the Pacific time zone.

As long as one is somewhat aware of the locations of U.S. cities or has a map, there is no excuse to travel to any place without knowing its time zone.

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